Swap and shop thread (?)

swap and shop thread

This thread was started by @LordSethos2000 to consolidate some random posts by customers selling various Dangerous Things products they have since decided to not install and part ways with. While we don’t specifically wish to block our customers from doing what they want to do with our products, we do want to publish this word of warning…

Dangerous Things takes great care in maintaining the chain of custody for our implantable products. We do not resell returned products and we do not allow distributor partners to either. Having an unbroken chain of custody from our manufacturing facilities through fulfillment to the customer is the only real way to ensure the products have not been compromised in some way. Buying from a 3rd party or unofficial distributor breaks that chain of custody, and introduces unnecessary risk.

Buyer beware.

With that announcement out of the way, here is the swap and shop thread’s original inaugural post.

hey all - i have seen a few folks posting “i need to sell this unused xxx-series…” why not have one thread that we all add our buying or selling to?

“for every market a sub-market grows” - Graverobber - REPO

couple of guidelines
start your post with “BUYING” or “SELLING”
keep it DT cyborg related
when your post gets resolved (bought or sold) delete it or edit it to remove the tag.
If you are selling, consider offering proof of purchase to at least show that you didn’t find the item on the side of the road.


BUYING: pmk or similar

i’ll start :slight_smile:

DT has stopped selling these - does anyone happen to have one that they are not gonna use? mainly interested in the ampoule of goodness, but a complete kit would be super duper.


BUYING: FleXsiid

I know there were only 3 flexSIID, but if there’s one not being used :man_shrugging:t2:

You probably should put in the guidelines, stuff must be sealed from DT, I know I know… but better to have it in writing up front


There is currently a shortage of injectable lidocaine according to the FDA so that may well explain why it is not available retail at the moment.

Maybe this is something that could be limited to the DT club? I dunno, it should certainly not be a hive of scum and villainy.

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i’m interested in any magnets that got removed from the body, are leftover or something else.

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