T5577 Couldn't identify chipset

After some headaches and lots walking away from desk only to drag myself back, I got the proxmark3 easy to work. I was able to copy my FOB to one of the practice cards that comes with the Proxmark3, detect, read and write. However I’m not having any luck identifying the chip set implant, reading it, searching it, etc. Anyone have any ideas to get this work? Any tricks to it? I had the implant put in 9 days ago already so I don’t think inflammation is the problem. Please help, I’m frustrated and excited at the same time. Not a good combo.

That’s usually… and in my case also

A sign of a poor coupling with the implant

Take a lot of time and move your hand a smidge at a time until when you run a LF search it comes back as the correct chipset

That’s how I know I have a good couple, usually everything else on the read will be correct except the chipset

It actually is possible and is likely the issue, even when it doesn’t look like it is swolen or bruised from the outside.
A good example are the xSIIDs, People install and even after a couple of weeks the LED is not very bright, but when the swelling goes, they are beaming from ear to ear and from their xSIID.

What I am trying to say is, give it another 5-7 days, it should make a huge difference.

He is right from everything that I have heard.

But there is nothing to stop you trying every day. Make sure you know where the chip is and try placing it across the Proxmark3 antenna. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t read it today, try again tomorrow.

What kind of implant do you have? The flex implants are easier to get a read on, the glass ones can be a lot pickier.

(Note, I have no implants yet, but I have been hanging around here enough to know what many others have said.)

You certainly have and do!

Thank you for all the reply s. I hope that it is just still swollen. I have the NExt RFID + NFC, the NFC portion half works flawlessly and I use it as a business card. But it’s the RFID portion that I really want and it’s not working yet. I plan to use it at work instead of carrying a fob around my neck all the time. I am jealous of the xSIID implant, if it was possible to have the rfid, nfc and the led I would of definitely gone with that implant. Thanks again to all.

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It is assuming this is in position 0 and you have enough space. You can put an xLED next to the NExT to give that effect :slight_smile:

Ah, OK, the Proxmark 3 Easy does not have the besterest antenna.
If not swelling, then likely coupling, you may have to just hold your tongue right until you learn the technique young grasshopper :cricket:

There are some tips and tricks to increase you chances for a successful read.
Use your xFD to visualize what you are trying to replicate
Place the antenna perpendicular to the implant
Use lf tune to find your greatest voltage drop
You may need to press firmly (don’t touch the antenna posts)
Hold still
lf search
If you get consecutive chipsets reads, try a read and write (remain still)

This may help also

Watch Amals proxmark video AND T5577 video to further help

Try out some of that, if if you are still stuck come back and ask and I’ll make up some more bullshit try and help you out