Taking the plunge

So 1130 on the 11th, got my appointment lined up. Hopefully all the bs protests wont send the country back into lockdown. (I do support the cause but not the execution)
L0, chip 1. Lf xled.
L0, chip 2, next.
R0, chip 1, hf xled.
R0, chip 2, Apex (cant wait…)

See u on the other side!


Good luck with your install. especially with the Apex :wink:

I like your implant combination and locations.
I’m sure you are already aware, but make sure you get your >5mm spacing between them

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You’re in good hands with Pete, give us a yell if you need someone local with a proxmark or want a hand with programming!


Was very comfortable with the whole crew down there. Makes a huge difference when they are all welcoming and knowlegable.
I am hitting up 0xFFFF for dinner one night to get me started with the PM3 now social activities are limited. Will also love a catch up with some other local cyborgs

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So the 3 chips are in. My wife is still wierded out by flashing leds under my skin
First thoughts.
Xled- red hf. R0/1
Frigging amazing, nice and bright, easily visable
Next, L0/0
Have enrelled it into my garage and shed. Using the lf side of things. Read range is really good and very few second attempts from misaligmnent.
Hf NFC, played with read write, not much else. Will wait to play with the pm3 to get it working for the hf readers at work
L0/1 lf white xled.
No where near as impressive as the hf red. Hopeing improvement with swelling going down. The white field detector seems alot brighter, lights up my hand when energised through my palm.

One more spot to fill in @R0/0. Contactless payment and public transport is what i am holding out for now :slight_smile:

And i decided to start counting the multi implants @0 being closest to the outside edge. Keep it consistent

Just so you are aware, the HF side in the NExT, you can write to, ( Phone easier/ convenient or the Proxmak ) but you cant change the UID, so depending on your work access system, it may not be compatible or you may have to enroll it ( We can give you some suggestions for this if you need it)
Do you have any more information on your work system?
Is it definitely HF? ( 13.56MHz )
Have you scanned your access card/fob with an NFC capable phone using an app like TagInfo?
Did you want to share an image of your fob/card and /or reader?
The more info you provide the easier it is to help you ( If you need it )

Definitely a good option, and it will be the ApexMax for that location.

For the public transport option, which system is it. ( i.e. Public Transport name, city etc. ) some don’t play well with implants, If you do another TagInfo scan, we might be able to answer that for you also. The Apex can emulate some card types but again, you can’t change the UID, so you will have to look at enrolling if it is compatible.

FYI This is generally what we refer to for our numbering

It is better practice to not directly share you TagInfo publically
But to be able to help you, there are some important bits we need.

The chip type: something like
MIFARE Classic (MF1S50) or MIFARE DESFire EV1 etc

and the UID (NUID) Byte total
ie. F3:94:2C:5B would be 4 Bytes
F3:94:2C:5B:12:2B:4C would be 7 Bytes
You could mask them or jumble them up or just tell us how many bytes

This will explain further how to share

If you get stuck on anything just ask.

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Might have overlooked things on the thread about multi implants in the same location, first post I referred to them as L0/ Chip 1 L0/Chip 2.
Made the change to L0/0 and L0/1 to keep with the flow.

We have an Inner Range Integriti system at work, 3 different types of readers

and rk40s
I borrowed some readers and an integriti to play with this weekend. My mind is so far fuzzed that I cant even think about playing with my new toys :frowning:

This is from NFC tools.
NXP MIFARE Ultralight - NTAG216

NfcA, MifareUltralight, Ndef

0x:xx:xx:xx:xx:x4:xx (have removed the values)

Right, from what you have supplied above, we are definitely looking at HF 13.56MHz as you suggested and also again you look to be correct with the NExT.

The HF side of your NExT is NTAG216 - ISO 14443A and uses a 7 Byte UID (0x:xx:xx:xx:xx:x4:xx)

So all very good news, As I mentioned earlier you won’t be able to write your card / fob UID onto your NExT, However, since you are able to grab readers from your work to play with, I am guessing it will be also easy for you to ENROLL your NExT.

The 3 easy ways to do this, are,

  1. give your actual UID to the security person, or
  2. swipe your NExT on a reader either in the security office where they enroll cards normally, or
  3. Swipe on a wall reader ( Preferably not a keypad one or a non-multiclass reader at this stage, I will explain why shortly ), record the date, time and location of you NExT swipe ( Hopefully you get some feedback from the reader when you are denied, Beep or light etc) Then talk to your security guy and pass that information, on their system they should see your NExT UID

Fingers crossed, they either, just replace your current Card UID with your NExT UID and you are golden, or add it to your profile. :four_leaf_clover:
Good luck

So I have SOME multiclass readers at work, until you learn the sweet spot for the HF antenna, you may get denied if it “sees” your LF first.( LF has slightly better range, so you might have to be quite accurate )
If they have the LF side working also ( Guessing unlikely ) you can simply enroll that the same was as the HF above.
I have learnt, this for mine and now have very few “access denied”.

The only issues I have, is with my keypad access panels as they appear to have their antennas buried deeper and do not see my NExT at all, My hope is to get a FlexEM and test it with its increased read range. In saying that, your HID keypad readers look a lot less bulky, so hopefully they read yours fine.

So after 20min of finding the sweet spot, HF reads are about a 80% Hit rate.
Got the Next talking on HF to Integriti.
There is a swossh, twist with a bit of a pause and it seems to be working. I will be sure to master the swipe card dance over time.
Just connected to the alarm panel at work and enrolled my credentials.
Fingers crossed Monday morning I can get in the office :slight_smile:
Just used the single HF frequency reader (the ones on 99% of our office doors)

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