Tasker issue - Any suggestions?

Hello again!!

I was just wondering if someone could help me out as I have tried almost everything…

I’m currently set up to open messages on my NExT implant… I have successfully done this, but decided I wanted it to open to a specific contact :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

In the screen shot, you can see I’ve selected my contacts name (my wife lol), but when trying to open with app, it only gives me those two options…

I’ve tried to set it without as it does sag optional, but it just brings back a error code when I test run.

Do I need to download plug in?

But I can’t set tasker as default?

Just straight up removes the option…
Would allowing it to make changes to system settings help, with anything?

Don’t fully trust tasker lol, so I don’t want to allow it full access :sweat_smile:

I haven’t figured it out but maybe the send intent action?
You also might be able to use a text message record, meaning Uri: sms:+61412345678 or sms:+61412345678?body=heySweetie

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Hey @D.Castro_Perez I received your self flagged message

“I was looking online, and in some cases, my devices serial number could be used as a password… I only want to remove this post, IF my serial is at risk”

There is no chip info in your post, so are you happy for me to delete your ticket?

I wasn’t sure if I was missing something so I thought I ask, I’m definitely fine with leaving the post up​:pray::pray: thank you for the fast response!

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