Testing xem kit before implanting

I’d like to test and play around with my xem before I implant. If I remove it from the installer will I be able to put it back into the installer for implanting?

I understand it won’t be sterile but I’m hoping the professional I go to will be able to resterlize it before implanting.

I sterilized it before: my dentist have autoclave and all necessary for do it.

As @Giannidonadel said, it can be removed / ejected from the syringe, however everything will need to be re-sterilized before it can be used. The autoclave is a standard machine to do this in most body piercing shops and some doctors offices… however the plastic of the syringe is not well suited for high heat sterilization. We normally use EO gas treatment to sterilize our injection assemblies. I can’t say the plastic will survive well… it may melt during autoclaving or become brittle and shatter when used. I would really recommend that after testing, you autoclave just the xEM chip and take it to a body piercer who can install it using a 10g needle and taper.