The effects of UHF frequencies on implant

I was just wondering what the effects were going to be? On the implant in reference to an s band radar with a high output power of around 3 megawatts. I’m concerned the RF leakage was going to cause issues with the implant. The radar runs in S band at about 4.2 GHz my implant is the NExT thank you for your help

Not an answer to your question but you can see what sort of testing has been done already on this thread

I wouldn’t be concerned at all. Different frequency and radar doesn’t use inductive coupling.

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Just curious, what does 4.2GHz do to your flesh around the implant? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing good as far as I’ve seen. It kills birds that fly in front of it

I’d be more worried about exposing my body to 3 megawatts at 4.2 gig. 4.2 GHz is way above the UHF band and would easily fry you if exposed at anything but far away. Assuming no gain antenna, you need to be like 1000ft away for the power density to be low enough to be considered safe.

Yes, all I was concerned about was indirect exposure from working in the amplifiers cabinets the numbers above where the nominal output from the phased array antenna and I’m not an expert in all of it. So please forgive my ineptness thanks

As others said, i wouldn’t worry too much about the implant at that frequency… but at those powers, you never know. But working on the equipment should be relatively safe, assuming it is in good working order, properly shielded and grounded, and you aren’t exceeding human exposure limits.

As someone that does work near high power RF (though not close to 3MW), I would highly suggest getting (or making your company get) a personal RF monitor.
I use this one…


Thank you