The flexMT is available for pre-order

Not in the UK so purely curious, can those even be installed across the pond, I heard there was some scalpel work legal issues recently?

We’re just based in the UK so better import tax wise for anyone within the UK or EU.

Not unless you’re a doctor no. We have some who can do the needle install but this doesn’t cover these

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ok i’ve opened up green as backorders for both flexNExT and flexMT…

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Any chance of this chip combination in an x-series?

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Damn… You come out with that product just after I ordered a FlexEM and a FlexM1 separately :slight_smile:

it’s being played with but there are difficulties


awww hah sorry man… that’s always a risk… i tried to drop hints early that it was coming, but maybe not early enough


Well, I’m tempted to implant the FlexM1 in my mid-digit, same as you. That would justify the thin form factor in and of itself. So it’s not a wasted purchase. Only I’m not too sure about that one, cuz my finger seems quite a bit thinner than yours…

As for the FlexEM, it’ll go in my butt remember? :wink: I have no need for an HF tag the size of the FlexMT in my butt.

So it’s all good.

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What is the flexibility of the edge/outer ring like in comparison to the flexNExT?

If you mean the flexEM, there is basically zero flex in the entire device, despite the name.

Not the flexEM. I was referring to this post with attached vid as they are of comparable size and config (hf/lf combo).

Ah… well, less flexible… I will arrange to video it soon.

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Thank you! Just trying to figure out if I had a safe location to install or not and that was the main concern

Just have to ask, because I found nothing on the forum - are there any installation experiences with the flexMT? I read of some people thinking about it, but I didn’t find any nice, helpful pics and all that :wink:
So, anyone got these babies inside yet?

(yes… I’m thinking about what I’ll do with my Titan-discount-voucher… :smiley: )

Hmmm, I can’t think of one off the top of my head either.

Pretty sure @Mariarangok has one in, but not sure if its documented

If you don’t know about one, there most certainly wasn’t one :wink:

I don’t remember if the incredible implant documentation she made was from a flexNExT or from a flexMT… sadly, that thread has disappeared, so I can’t look it up :wink:

I’m actually thinking about installing it on my wrist, same spot like my silicone implant (so, where all those funny tendons and stuff are), just on the other arm, and I’d like to collect some experiences before… Worst case would be, I have to put it on top of the wrist instead, wristwatch-style - that might be a problem considering I’d like to get my next scarification there, as well… waaaaah, I’m not having enough space on my body! :smile:

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This is all I could find from her about the FlexMT

Also @Devilclarke has one, but not installed yet I believe


Just Saying :wink:

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Hi! I have a FlexMT in my wrist/forearm region. I took the thread down but I’d be happy to share any info and or pics or video with you directly in private.

Feel free to private message me here or in discord or Facebook and I’ll share whatever you need.


Thanks a lot :wink:

Yeaaah, I know… but with flexies and planned scarification, things tend to be a bit more difficult, I’m afraid :wink:

Yeah, I was just pulling your leg. ( although I hadn’t considered your scarification in my reply ).

What, where and when is next session for you?