The flexMT is available for pre-order

This is all I could find from her about the FlexMT

Also @Devilclarke has one, but not installed yet I believe


Just Saying :wink:

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Hi! I have a FlexMT in my wrist/forearm region. I took the thread down but I’d be happy to share any info and or pics or video with you directly in private.

Feel free to private message me here or in discord or Facebook and I’ll share whatever you need.


Thanks a lot :wink:

Yeaaah, I know… but with flexies and planned scarification, things tend to be a bit more difficult, I’m afraid :wink:

Yeah, I was just pulling your leg. ( although I hadn’t considered your scarification in my reply ).

What, where and when is next session for you?

I’m afraid I have to slow down a bit - visited my artist 3 times in the last 4 months. If I keep it up at that pace, I’ll reach a point too fast where nothing is left to do, and that would be a sad moment :wink:
So I think the next thing will be the Titan, either end of this year or beginning of the next.
Since my first scarification was so much fun for me, I’m going to expand this a bit - will definitely do arms and legs, maybe sides of the body as well, but I don’t know yet when I will get it done. Need holidays afterwards, at least one week :smile:
Then I’m maybe planning on a flexMT, and if Steve ever gets the custom work done, I’ll get some more silicone inside my body. Still quite a bit to come, and I’m not even counting in piercings and tattoos here… sigh^^
The only point I can easily answer is

Definitely Arnulf from Stigmata Inc. - for I’ll never go anywhere else again for strange stuff :smile:

Not what I meant :wink:
That is not your translation, but rather more lack of specificity on my part…
Where on your body are you planning your next scarification?

Ah, okay - like I said, I think the next thing will be the arms. I’ll talk that through with Arnulf, either we’ll do one arm after the other, or maybe both lower arms first and then both upper arms, dunno… He has to design the pattern first and all that, and I’m not sure he even knows of his luck by now^^
Afterwards I like to get my legs decorated, all the way from the hips to the ankles. And if I survive all that, maybe the side of the chest as well. Think I’m kinda going “full body” - always liked that in tattoos, so I’m going to do it in scars :wink:

edit: oh, except for my back, the tattoo has already started there, so the back will be fully tattooed :smiley: