The flexNExT is now in limited release!

Simple solution, @amal just needs to make his lab actually look like that and get a painter in to recreate this image


Yeah right, I bet he adopted the photoshop job because his lab is even scarier :slight_smile:


This looks awesome. I am fairly new to this all, and was thinking about an NExT, but now I am wondering if I want to take the plunge and go right to the flexNExT now… eep… it does look daunting, and would be the first body mod I’ve ever done really.

I do have two questions if I may…
Firstly, for installation, where would be the best place for this.
Would you be able to put it on the back of your hand? (like where you demonstrated in the video)?
Or is this too much of a ‘risky’ area for install? And are better off in the arm or something?

Also, I saw in the video that the lights lit up on NFC, but didn’t on LF.
Is it possible that you could make a version that had lights for BOTH frequencies?
(Even better… different colored lights for different frequencies?)
That would be awesome.


Professional installation notes

Installation of a flexNExT device should always be done by a professional . We do not presume to know better than your professional installer what the correct installation method for your body and desired implant location might be. Always defer to your installation professional’s opinion on placement and installation procedure.

  • Do not install under any gripping surface (e.g. no palm side installations)
  • Do not install atop or parallel to any joints (flex devices are only “semi-flexible”)

In other words, every body is different, some people might have a lot more shallow vascularity, others may have a bit more “meat” on their hands.

RE: the LF LED, not at this stage, but who knows what Amal is cooking up in his lab…
(The reader, or similar to power the LF LEDs are also a little less available /accessibile / portable like a cellphone is)


Never going to be a best place but somewhere big and flat, back of your hand would work but thats alot of skin to lift and not stick back down.
The pouch of detached skin may also be painful if pulled.

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forehead… forehead, forehead, forehead! :rofl: :rofl:


If we made a list of things that one could do, that would indeed be on the list. I’ve ordered one that’s going on my arm just above the wrist - I’m not a fan of big things on the back of the hand - too many tendons and veins in a small area for my liking

LF LEDs in a flex like this would be too much copper for coils - I did suggest the idea of different colours for different frequencies but it’s not practical.

It’s not something I’d do for a first implant unless you need the performance, but I’ve got one ordered, happy to show you it in person when it comes in/goes in




Sounds good @Compgeek
I was thinking the same thing (if I were to do this), of the arm side just past the wrist.
(Same spot as a wrist watch would be).
And dang… a shame about not being able to do different colors for different frequencies. That’d be dope.

Look @Aemun, I don’t disagree though that the lights lighting up in your forhead would look awesome.

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HF at least means you can use a smartphone or the readers you have at work to show it off!

I’m going right arm since I wear a watch on my left, up just high enough that the strap if I put on gloves doesn’t hit it

Very true… I just like the idea of being able to scan readers in the wild and work out what frequency they are by color of light. But then again I suppose if it lights up its NFC, if it doesn’t, (yet still beeps) it’s LF.

I wear my watch on my right hand, even though I am right handed, (i know weird).
Plus is more convenient as I would use this for home entry and my house front door reader is on the left too.
So yeah, just far up enough to not get hit by glove rims sounds like a good idea.
I’m probably too much of a wuss to get this thou… I am thinking I’ll probably end up getting the standard NExT and putting it round to the side of my arm, just above the wrist.
Although I really like the look of the blinky.
I’ll probably end up holding off… I am curious if anyone is going to put it on the back of their hand too. being able to read THROUGH the hand and clearly see the blinky is also appealing. What’s the likely hood being able to be read through the wrist I wonder. Imma gunna check the video again on the read distance.

Yeah… I reckon it may very well read through the arm/wrist the range looks quite good off the reader.



I’m fine with implants here as the next guy…

But that thing, that thing scares me. Just due to it’s sheer size.

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…wait a second.

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I just meant all the colors offered… some are not orderable yet.

What’s the likelihood of the flexNExT interfering with other HF/LF implants at locations like 0 - 4 ? Assuming it is installed in the back of the hand

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probably pretty high actually

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Really good question, The range on the FlexNExT is phenomenal, Maybe another good reason to go, back of the wrist.

You can Kakuto-uke “paint the fence” to the reader



Geez, Amal must be sitting on his keyboard, he keeps beating me by this much :pinching_hand:

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