The flexNExT is now in limited release!

My install fee was $350… Probably a little steep, but I really liked the guy’s work and he was great, so I have no problem recommending people see a bonafide professional for sure.


Don’t have mine inside my body yet, but I’ve already saved a date at my bodymod artist - he’s charging 250 euros for the procedure. Think that’s absolutely okay, considering he has to pay a rent for the studio, use some time, desinfect everything and all that stuff… so, I’m fine with that.

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Could you ask this person,

How it feels? I am super curious about the feeling when doing push-ups and such. I worry that I use the backs of my hands too much by wrapping things around them to carry things.

I am honestly intrigued how it feels with like exercise motions.

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It was just implanted so it probably feels a bit… puffy :slight_smile:

hi there, I am the hand :smile: , I tried moving my wrist all the way back during and right after implantation and it was fine, there’s about 2cm between the wrist and the implant. Too soon for push ups but i’ll be posting on the the link amal mentioned above :wink: I used to do parkour and still do a bit so believe me I wouldn’t risk loosing mobility, if your hand is big enough it’s fine

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This was the first thing I thought of when I saw the video. I would absolutely throw this in my hand for the Apex. In addition to the massive read range, it’d be fantastic for something like the Apex to have feedback on reads.

It’s being considered.


If you decide not to do a standard release for it, would it be possible to shower you in enough currency to squeeze at least one out of your lab?


Yeah… I’m happy to do things for the community, even if it’s not an official product.



14mm hole in the middle. This was the best outcome. I already messed up a previous attempt.


Now to clean and package for shipment…

It looks great! It looks mighty flexibly too.

How so, out of curiosity? Was it the center hole that created problems?

So I’m guessing punching out some extra material on the side of the hole wasn’t such a good idea then. Oh well, I suppose it’s better to have more overhang and avoid compromising watertightness.

Did the custom blinky placement affect range in any way?

Incidentally, do you cut the material around (and in my case, inside) Flex implants by hand, or do you use pre-formed punches or shapes? Because if you do it by hand, it looks like you have a pretty steady hand: it’s really round and clean.

I realize Amal’s got enough going on, but why all three the same colour? It seems to me that this is begging for a RGB variation.

(assuming equal brightness)

Probably because that’s what most of us have ordered/asked for :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s the Blinky custom on DT, like being at the candy store staring at the walls of pick-and-mix!

The more I look at it, the more I find the workmanship exquisite. Everything is lined up great, the edges are clean. Considering the bitch of a time I had making my paper-and-packing-tape FauxNExT under magnification with sharp tools, that’s remarkable. I mean in real life, the actual object isn’t all that big really.


Yeah it has to be clean surfaces and cut lines to keep the risk of surface biofouling to a minimum. You definitely don’t want to give any kind of a foothold that bacteria can use to set up and establish a colony.

Speaking of that, I didn’t get any notification. I’m assuming Michelle is swamped? Or is there any other issue?

I’m not impatient, it’s just that I want to make sure it gets here before Lassi does. I’ve experienced how prompt customs can be here. Took em over a month to release a parcel from another EU country once. Amazing…

I just noticed this in this post:


Isn’t that dangerous? Any way to disable this permanently?

Pretty sure I disabled lock bytes on flexnext but maybe some got through… probably yours is unaltered. Run the Dangerous NFC tool on it to sort it out.

Btw what does limited release actually mean? How long will it be available? I would be so surprised when I finally want to order one and it is gone…