The official Titan batch #2 campaign thread

It’ll come in a vial of chlorhexidine but if that evaporates and eeks out through the o-ring cap come install time then in theory the internal contents of the vial is still considered “clean”… so just keep it closed until installation time and you should be fine.


These had no air in them when I sealed them. After almost 7 months on one and 4 or 5 in the other. Minimal loss.

Edit: if I wanted to further delay the loss, I could wrap it in parafilm


Would putting the vial in a small “airtight” Ziploc baggy help too? Or would the evaporation continue until the atmosphere in the bag is saturated?

Yeah, that. Any additional sealing would need to be tight and airless so that the alcohol has nowhere to evaporate too. Gaseous alcohol molecules escaping is much easier than contaminant laden air getting back in though, and if it did get in it would have the remaining chlorhexidine coating to deal with.

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I must also wait - no travelling is possible. I got the TITAN today - and i think with luck, I can travel in November. We have so many Covid Cases in Austria. You can’t get a magnet implanted in Austria. Its a bit tricky to find someone to implant the x-series. I have a doctor for the flex series. But I love to get a video from the TITAN implantation and also a video from my next flex implant

Also, another question, sorry if it’s been answered. Couldn’t find any examples in a quick search. Is it possible/workable to implant Titans somewhere other than in the fingers? I like rock climbing and fear it might get in the way or cause issues. What other places work well, if any?

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You might be happy with -L0. But I have no personal experience with that position yet, so we can investigate together.
It would be nice to know if the magnet is comfortable when riding a bike w/o gloves, or working out, or even when holding a frying pan.

Also I found that the sensation is maximal when the magnet sits sideways. I.e. not the flat surface facing out, so the field effects both the N and the S pole… I hope it makes sense.


Given it’s contents, it doesn’t seem illegal to ship. Do check though - it’s lidocaine and tetracaine.

Soo… we doing this… Titans will now include viewing film! I just need to announce it… can I use this image for that?


Of course!

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and i ordered some 3 days ago -.- xD


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Finally got my order in!


Sooo are we taking bets this time? Because I want to say… 72.







Nice one :wink:

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