The Purewrist Saga

Ah ok, that makes much more sense then, thanks for clarifying

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This is motivating me to spend some intimate time with another veriphone reader (or 2 :smiling_imp:)

The amount of time it took to register a invalid makes me wonder if I haven’t been holding still long enough

I’ll need to be a creep again at my local speedway on my way home from work around 3am some more lol

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I’ve also been trying out just touching the tip of the implant to the reader antenna, like perpindicular poking at it. It would okay. Maybe there’s a corner trick we can do. I’ll try some things out. The chip itself blocks the field a bit in the center

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Small update to the Saga. The first conversion just arrived :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: sans the needle or numbing gel so I think usps mightve taken em

actually i think that’s my fault for being terribly inconsistent and unclear. conversions can take many forms, not all installable via our … so we don’t include needles or numbing gel with conversions… you’d have to grab that stuff separately if you want them for your conversion… though I should make note of that on the product page maybe…


I had ordered the gel and needle with it :slight_smile: but I got them when you sent my second conversion no worries

Ah damn ok

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