The Titan is now NFC-only (no, not THAT Titan)

Vivokey should try to get in on that action - assuming giant Google is even interested in supporting the little guys who want to compete in their field:

Titan Java applet for the Apex? :slight_smile:

It’s also USB-C. I am not sure why they would ditch Bluetooth for NFC as neither is more secure than the other as far as I know. Bluetooth is more prevalent though, so I wouldn’t be able to use it with either my laptop or my phone (neither supports NFC).

Google wants to push NFC for payments of course.

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Bluetooth needs a battery… USB and nfc don’t… pretty straightforward


Titan only exists because they shutdown wanted to spite yubico hah… I don’t think they’d want to enable competition… but we can support standards like fido2 easy enough

There was a Bluetooth vulnerability in these some time ago, so that might explain it somewhat.
If the NFC and Bluetooth stack were equally secure/vulnerable, Bluetooth is higher risk since it can be exploited from further than a few centimetres away.

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