The xM1 seems to have been out of stock for a long time

Is there any news about xM1

How long will xM1 resume sale? I can’t find any way to buy xM1 now

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There are plenty of supply chain issues going around right now. It seems they release in batches when new chips are available. I had to wait about 1-2 months to get mine. Just be patient and check the website every day or two and they’ll be back in stock eventually.

Alternatively, if you are up for it. The flexM1 is usually in better stock. Same chip, better antenna. Slightly bigger footprint, but it can still be installed by a piercer with the included needle.

This is my first time shopping online outside of China. If I want to buy xM1 in China, will The Chinese customs detain xM1 ?(because it contains syringes)

Has anyone tried to buy xM1 in China? (@amal

Hello! I got your ticket as well, but since you posted here I’ll just reply here.

Unfortunately we are out of stock on the xM1 right now. We do have the flexM1 as an option, but the installation procedure is more involved of course.

We do not ship ma y products in to China, but we have been able to ship x-series successfully in the past, and those use needle injectors. Of course, import customs is always able to decide they don’t like it and refuse the package.

I can say, from what Amal said above, and my opinion, you may also have better luck getting a FlexM1 through customs :man_shrugging:
Although a custom needle may be a different story, but you do have a scalpel as an alternative.

If you can find an installer, the installation is “more involved” as Amal mentioned, but still very easy for someone that knows what they are doing.

again, in my opinion, the FlexM1 is a great implant, and in my personal experience, compatible with a lot of devices.

I also think with you living in China, you will have a veritable RFID playground at your disposal.

I would suggest you also get a LF implant, like xEM or better, a NExT implant, as there will be many LF systems you will have access to.

I concur. That thing hits like a freight train.

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I agree with you that FlexM1 is better than xM1. But under the influence of old Thinking in China almost no one has ever implanted a chip in their body. So I couldn’t get any professional help in China, so I had to implant by myself. It was hard enough for me to implant xM1, let alone FlexM1

Yes, you are right. RFID is widely used in China. I am also an RFID enthusiast myself. So, using RFID and related devices is very simple for me.

Thinks. In fact, LF card readers are not common in China, we use 13.56MHz and Mifare card readers more

It looks as if your products are made in Chinese factories. Many of China’s factories are now back in operation. When xM1 resumes production, is it possible to directly mail xM1 to me from the Factory in China? This avoids customs and avoids customs duties.

Yes, many Chinese do not accept microchips in their bodies.But I think chips in the body are the future

Only the chip itself is manufactured in China as far as I know.
Unless you want to install a bare chip under your skin, I don’t think that will work.

there were a few around when I was there last…but that was a number of years ago.
Well, as you know there are a lot of LF products you can still buy locally.