Theft security went off

Hello everyone,

I was in the Efteling (Dutch theme park) and when I walked into a shop the theft security went off.
Does this have to do with the magnet that is in my arm or with something else?
That’s the first time I’ve been experiencing this in a store but still :wink:

Anyone else who has already experienced that?

Should not be the case

I dont have a magnet but those ports work with rfid
So maybe just a fluke?

I also had a problem at the “Kruidvat” with this
They padded me down haha.

That is of course also possible.
I have 5 rfid implants.
Maybe the 2 flexMT responds to that.

Most security gates don’t rely on LF or HF RFID - if they rely on RFID at all - and certainly not on passive magnetism.

Most likely you had a piece of clothing on with a security tag that wasn’t deactivated.

Bingo, they actually build the soft tags into designer and higher end stuff these days… you won’t see it and of course clerks forget to deactivate them

Actually many of the security systems use ISO 15693 with the electronic article surveillance bits of those types of tags activated. We had to disable that on the spark one because of this.


Oh really? I didn’t know that. Makes sense actually: ski passes use the same tags and they have good enough range to be read by a portal.

Would the Spark ring in a security portal with the bit set? It’s so tiny.

It might if you didn’t notice and ran your hand right next to the gate antenna.

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I sense a new hobby for people with a Spark implant (I’m assuming that they can’t reactivate that bit…)