TheOv3rminD's xG3 v1 Installation

Here’s are some photos of my self installation, with a little commentary.
This is my third self implantation. I also have an NFC and RFID Implant. I can share those procedures too if there’s any interest. They’re really all just standard procedures, but I can answer questions if anyone happens to have any. I have gained a few insights regarding self-implantation procedures over the course of my installs. =)

Prepping, mapping structures, drawing guides, creating sterile field.


Implant set + retracting syringe


+1 day of healing

+5 days of healing

goofing around.

Note that there was 0 nerve damage and no blood vessel contact during the procedure. I was 100% numb with a lidocaine nerve block at the base of the finger. Note that I do have a medical background.

Thanks for you interest and time!


Did you have to fight your survival instincts at first? How different is it to working on other people?

Also, this is your first post and it’s about chip installs so it’s time to cue the one of us gifs.

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Lol, Thank you =)

No, since I was numb, I was pretty relaxed about it. Plus the 2 installs previously were done without anesthetic because they were in far less sensitive areas, and the syringes are VERY sharp. I did almost pass out on the first one though just because of the sight of something so large inside of my body. As far as working on other people, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest, I really don’t cause people pain, and the little pain I do inflict is so that they don’t have to experience any further pain. So it’s satisfying. Working on myself was a different beast only the first time. the other 2 times the only thing I felt was annoyance that I didn’t have a third or even fourth hand, lmao.

I’ll post some pictures of the other procedures and talk about my experience a little more.



You did a great write up and documented it very well with photos…Nuff said!!!

Here’s a thumbs up from vault boy


Thanks for sharing.

do you think that installation on the side of the ring finger would be possible?


Generally, I believe that is how people do it from my research. I was going for maximum sensitivity and stealth (mostly maximum sensitivity). However, with my method there is a VERY high chance of nerve damage even if you do know exactly what you’re doing. It was a 50/50 change in my opinion that I would receive minor nerve damage, but I got lucky and used the best technique that I could think of, after doing a lot of research as well as having a lot of experience working around nerve structures.


Well, thank you my friend! Very kind of you to say. Much appreciated =)


Welcome, thank you for the very detailed write up. This is bound to be of help to someone.


Thank you =)
I’m more than happy to do anything that I can do to help to make things a little safer for folks that choose, or have no other option than self implantation.

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It occurs to me that I should speak about the results a bit.

Lifting: Meh, not so much, but it’s a neat trick to show people and even introduce people to implants and biohacking.

Sensing: Now this was the real result I was going for, and wow! There sure are some great results here.
I can feel strong magnetic fields like those produced by microwave magnetrons, this is actually helpful for detecting “leaks” from malfunctioning microwaves, or damaged faraday cages.
I can feel relatively weak magnetic fields, like those produced by desktop or even computer fans.
Of course I can detect fields produced by permanent or electromagnetics.
As my brain becomes more accustomed to the inputs, the sensitivity seems to rise a bit every week, and I can discover some new “ability”.
I don’t think that it will ever get to the point where I can use it for magnetic orientation or interacting with the Earth’s magnetic field directly with a magnet this small.
It’s been about 6 or 7 weeks of healing now and there is no pain when putting pressure on the finger. even my relatively forceful typing style is fine.
MY fingers are actually pretty small for a man. I only wear a size 7 on my ring finger to give you an idea.
The 15mm implant pretty much takes up all of the space available in the tip of the ring finger.
The implant ended up resting right against the proximal portion of the distal phalanges (bone) directly, which actually works out great because there is sort of a little lip there for it to retain the implant.
There is still some mobility with the implant though and it can on occasion slip past this point, but can be rapidly readjusted to the proper position, but this doesn’t happen very often.
I think this occurred because I went a little too far forward with the autoinjector during the procedure. But hey, I didn’t have access to a C-arm (live X-ray) at the time I was doing it, in order to see the exact location of the rig, lol. Kidding, I wouldn’t waste those resources on something like this, but it would be really cool if I could.
One day cyberneticists will have access to all of this, and automated machines may even be created to do all of this automatically and perfectly 99% of the time.


I’m curious, did you install in your dominant hand or your off hand?

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Off hand. My right hand is dominant.