Thickness of Magic Ring's outer-wall? Purpose of these dots?

Hey folks, I want to modify this ring and inscribe some kind of design like runes or something to that affect. Where could I start to figure out how thick the “outer-wall” of this ring is? It says it’s ceramic, but is it really ceramic? Doesn’t seem like ceramic, but I don’t really know. I used a Scotch-Brite pad and gave it a matte finish pretty easily and I wouldn’t expect ceramic to be like that, but I digress. How can I figure out the thickness of this outer-wall so I can know how deep I can make designs on it without damaging it. Also, need to figure out if there are things I should avoid like these dots. I’m assuming so, but I’m not 100% on what they do beyond markers for orientation.

Anyway, any info is greatly appreciated. This forum is super helpful. Really wish I could engage with it more. Soon.

Hi Res X-Ray? :man_shrugging:


The dots are centred on the two chips and antennae. One for for LF, Two for HF. My dual frequency ring has RFID and NFC marked in it instead. They appear to be laser engraving, and not at all deep.

My guess is that the ring itself is a ceramic channel with a tag and resin in it. The outer surface does not seem to be the same as the edges.