Thinking about getting one

Hi guys, i´m thinking about getting implant but i know very little about this, so i would like to get informed first. Hopefully i´m posting this to right category.

I read about the way it need to be implanted so i would need to find somebody in my country but which one should i choose it a little bit confusing to me so i want to ask about it.

Functions i need:
Access card(work etc)
Credit card payment
Public transport card
Login to different websites(even with phone)
Store small amount of encrypted text
Publicly visible text about basic health things like type of blood etc

Handy but not needed:
Wifi password saved on it for easy sharing of it
URL sharing
Home automatization stuff

Things i would like to know:
What i need to do to be able to pay with that chip, can i do it myself or do i need to go to a bank ? In case of work i would need to discuss it there to use it as a access card so this one is easy. In case of public transport and home access tags i should be able to just copy them if im not mistaken. What is the process in case of using it for website login ? I know this question may sound dumb but, can it do all this stuff at once without confusion or can it happend sometimes ? Is high voltage EM field a problem for the chip or hurt me in some way like burn me ? Can chip die from geo magnetic storm or hurt me in some way like burn me ?

The payment implants that are available right now are converted credit and debit cards and those expire. Vivokey is working on a solution for this but from my understanding, getting Master Card to understand has not been easy.

As for public transportation, it depends on what chip they are using in their cards.

I should also mention that a single chip can’t do everything and that’s why many people get a few of these things.

What’s up,
I’ll try to go thru these, I’m order to do a lot of this you will need multiple implants as some can only do certain things and nothing can do everything

Payment, it’s possible
Depending on your country look at walletmor or a pure wrist conversion (what I have)
You essentially get a reloadable credit card and send it out and it is made into an implant,
There’s pretty much no copying a credit card at the moment

Access cards are very possible, the NExT is a great candidate for this, it handles both high and low frequency… but it will depend on what credentials your access card is

Public transport,
A regular on the forum has tried this pretty hard, it’s not impossible it’s just a challenge
Someone in (Australia?) converted their bus card into an implant and the bus people didn’t like it so they turned off that card… kinda kllls the motivation

Look into the Vivokey stuff
I have a spark 2 to test the waters of that stuff, and currently I can pretty much only log into Vivokey or this forum… but the apex is coming soon™️ And should be able to handle more or that

Small amounts or encrypted text
Most stuff is currently 1kb of data, some go up to 8kb, so you can store that much text, you’d likely need to encrypt it yourself and then just copy the text to the chip. Problem is the chip will happily spit out that text to anybody that scans it… not a huge concern but it’s not exactly secure
(Maybe the desfire guys might be able to tell you if Desfire chips payload is more secure)

Public health
Short answer… it’s entirely possible, but will never work
The system or people in the system will never look, or trust any information you don’t give them yourself
It’s stupid

The wifi password is suuuuper possible, there’s a function built into nfc, and I actually haven’t seen anyone use it to kudos for thinking up something semi unique

I might do that now

You can go in most MRI machines with most the micro chips, (not magnets) and it doesn’t cause you issues

Hitting hit hard or stretching or pulling excessively on and implant can sort of hurt, think of it like an ear piercing,

Short of a stun gun directly to chip there’s not much your going to do to accidentally fry them

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Access card:
Public transport:
Scan your card with TagInfo so we can see what can be done

Credit card:
Get a payment conversion or walletmor

Login to websites:
Are you into tech? Do you think you can setup your own little auth server? If so, Spark 2 can do login with google with google business accounts, there’s a tutorial on the VK forum

Encrypted text:
Most chips can do that, Sparks cant but xNT xDF2 NExT xSIID etc can
Not making it “publicly visible” is a bit tricky, you can store it behind normal NDEF records but that doesnt mean noone can see it
Would the VivoKey Key Value Store be enough (store it on a server)?

Publicly visible text:
xNT NExT xDF2 xSIID etc can do that

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It can die but it shouldn’t be able to hurt you

That’s quite a process

Depends on the chips, so you need to show us TagInfo scans. If all fails, you can convert your cards to implants.

Soo this is a lot to digest. You want multiple chips. Usually people have 3 or 4 if I remember the poll correctly.

Let’s start with scanning the cards you have.

Work access will depend entirely on what kind of access chips they use, and how they use them. Most access systems simply store and compare the UID, in that case you can either clone the UID or have the company add your chip to their database.

The Vivokey Apex (available soon™) will enable various options like password managers, MFA, and so on. That is probably worth the wait for some of your use cases.

Personally I would take your use cases and prioritize them a bit and then see what you need to do for each one.

So for your work access you need to find out what kind of access system you are using, what chip you would need and approach whoever about adding your chip to the system (if you don’t think they would you can always clone it). You should be able to scan your current card if it is NFC, if not then you may well need another solution such as a Proxmark3 Easy. This is a complex tool but it makes it possible to reliably clone several chips.

Ok, so from what i understand it is in a lot of cases so much hassle that is not even worth to get. In that case, what is the cheapest of these for storing text securely and what other things it can do ? Right now im just doing a bit of research on this. I will then think about it and decide which one would be best for me. That Vivokey Apex what it is going to be able to do ?

If you mean a Proxmark3 Easy then it is a really useful tool that does things that very few other tools are capable of.

If you purchase one from Dangerous Things they will preload it with a recent copy of the Iceman firmware and you will always get support here to get it working and to walk you through the commands that you need.

As for the Vivokey Apex if you visit their site and scroll down to the “apps” section you will get a taste of what it is capable of.

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A lot of what you want to do is possible and It’s totally worth it, it just may involve some learning curve, there’s a lot to understand to make an informed decision, hell I’m still trying to learn a year after I was implanted

I use my implants for
Contact card
2 different access cards
Gun safe
Vax info
Potential hotel key cards (haven’t gotten the chance much thanks to covid)
Payment (when the readers aren’t crap)
Computer login

You just might need to consider more than one implant

There is no single implant that can do it all, and that’s not likely anytime soon

Getting more than one isn’t a big deal though, I did several at the same time

The apex will mostly let you run Java apps, which adds a whole new level of versatility, along with the standard stuff a high frequency chip can do

The encrypted text is possible, we just need to nail down what you want to do… and then we can figure out how to make it work

Now these :point_down: are things that might be more hassle than they are worth

I would more or less expect the transport card to not work, but it all depends on their system… there’s a chance that maybe they have a super out dated credential or something that’s easily coinable… but most aren’t
Additionally half the struggle sometimes isn’t even cloning to the chip, but the readers they use are pretty garbage at reading small chips… and there’s not much we can do to fix their readers

The health stuff, unfortunately we have a thread floating around here somewhere, where I believe a couple medical workers chimed in, that they would never spend the time to look for a chip… and even if you specifically told them where and to scan it… they likely wouldn’t be legally allowed to trust the data

Kind of like someone telling an emt the patient has a DNR, they sort of can’t take you for your word

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The medical stuff might depend on where you are, but…

  1. medical records can easily be a lot larger than a chip can store.

  2. Medical personnel aren’t going to randomly scan you for a chip they don’t know about.

  3. A lot of procedures (when possible) require staff to check your name, date of birth,… Every time to ensure they are administering the right treatment to the right patient.

You would be better off putting your medical records on a website and having the URL (and password) tattooed onto your body (perhaps as a QR code). They might still ignore it, but at least they will know that is there.

Ok good to know. In that case it would be mainly for me because i forgot all the time. So i what parameters i need to provide to know if copying my public transport card is possible ? I decided on smaller amount of things i would need:

Access card(work etc)
Credit card payment
Public transport card
Store small amount of encrypted text
Small amount of non encrypted text

Is this all possible in one chip ? I guess that the credit card is going to be a main issue from what was said in this thread before.

No. Credit card and transit are almost certainly their own chips.

To really answer your questions we need TagInfo scans of the work badge and transit card.

So in case of my public transport card i can read it with my phone but in case of work access card i can not. You just need to know IC type and supported technologies right ?

So full scan is needed ?

That’s a good thing. It might be clonable to a NExT then.
This means you might be able to combine your text use cases and work access in 1 implant.

You can censor your ID if you think we might clone your card find you in real life and break in.

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