Thinking of getting a 3rd chip but not sure where to implant it

hi i’ve already got a next and a spark1 implanted one in each hand in the suggested spots but i was wondering where can i get other chips installed on the hands? keeping in mind i gotta do a home install procedure

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@troll what are you trying to do with your 3rd chip? The VivoKey Apex line is coming out soon which will allow you to access the VivoKey Vault and perform OTP and Java Applet functions. As far as home procedures they will have a injectable chip available upon release. @amal hope I didn’t drop to much into if so please feel free to edit.

Dangerous Things don’t recommend self installs.

Personally, I would suggest if you are going to do it, get some help if you can, and an xSeries will be easier than a Flex.

Whatever you plan on getting, decide on how much you are going to use it and how, this will help you decide on where to put it.

Also a deciding factor is your own anatomy, there is no one size fits all. but here is a ROUGH guide taken from Beginners Guide Wiki, also in an answer I’ve given before.

In the same Wiki, there is a section called
There is some good links in their for a self install.
Feel free to ask advice before making your decision


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@troll, @Pilgrimsmaster wrote an amazing guide ^^^ it’s worth reading Everytime you go to do a new install.