This has nothing to do with chips but I just gotta share

So, since I moved to Finland, I found out that gastronomy isn’t exactly the Finns’ forte. But there’s a brand of cheeses available in Finnish supermarkets that offers a really spectacular selection - and I’m a bit of a cheese connoisseur.

So on my lunch break at work, I found out which company owned the brand, and shot them an email to congratulate them. You know, just a one-liner to tell them their products are good and please keep up the good work, nothing more.

I just got a phone call from their head office abroad. The conversation with the lady went something like this:

– Hey, thanks for your kind email. We’re really glad you love our cheeses! How much do you weigh?
– Uh? 165 lbs. Why?
– Well, you just won yourself your weight in cheese. We’ll send you the voucher.
– …

Lol :slight_smile: That was unexpected - and really kinda cool.


Very cool company, I do have a question however; after eating ~80kgs of cheese, what do you think you will weigh?


Indeed, It would have been a better deal if they had offered me my weight in cheese after I’m done eating it all :slight_smile:

I guess quite a bit more… so maybe he should write another mail, getting an even higher voucher… eat that up, write another… an infinite loop of cheese-supply!

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Can’t be an infinite cheese supply, as I would have to infinitely grow fatter :slight_smile:

But it would be a mathematical limit - as in, I get 165 lbs of cheese, gain, say, 40 lbs, ask for 40 lbs more, gain 15 lbs, ask for 15 lbs more… until I approach the limit that I mathematically never reach, so in the end I’d be asking for nanograms of cheese-equivalent voucher extensions.

They might grow tired of the process :wink:

Nononono - don’t get me wrong, you don’t ask for 40 lbs more, you’d ask for 205 lbs! Wouldn’t be a healthy idea, I guess… maybe the

… would be a better way :smiley:

I assumed the gift was for my total weight in cheese, not several times - the math problem being, how to make the size of the gift end up as close to my final weight with the cheese-induced obesity :slight_smile:

Issue the voucher with your current weight, with a cash-in condition being you lose the weight you are about to gain?

That was my experience but then again in some peoples eyes English food isn’t that great. It’s what I know and suits me.

In some kinda instalments I hope? That’s friends and family small gifts sorted for a couple of years I guess :grinning:

I attended a conference and stayed in Tampere. Coming out the pub pi$$ed at midnight into daylight was rather novel.

I went on holiday once to Gran Canaria and the area we went to was like mini Finland. I played a few of them at Mölkky and won every time. Never played before so either I’m a natural or they were crap. The latter I suspect. I even bought the game when I got home…….sitting in my garage un-played for about 5 years! Nobody local will play me…they obviously know my rep :roll_eyes: :laughing:

Yeah man, that is awesome! You should call a laxative place next to help you with all that cheese.

I dunno what form it’ll take. I’m assuming some kind of gift card that I can use at the supermarket to buy their products only.

And yes, I like cheese but that’s a lot of cheese. I’ll be feeding a few people for a while.

Is that what cheese does to you? I think you should rebuild your intestinal flora or something :slight_smile:

Are you assuming I am only eating a slice or bite at a time? I will eat that like it is my only food. I was making a terrible reference to Military Cheese blocking you up.

I was never served anything that blocked me up in the military. Rather the opposite… Ymmv I guess.

As for overeating, that’s something I can’t do anymore. I went from 240 lbs to 165 lbs years ago, it was a grueling experience, and I have no intention of going through that again. So I’m careful with what I eat - and more importantly, how much I eat - even if I love the stuff.

So yeah, that voucher should last me a while.

How is your All cheese :cheese: , all the time diet going @anon3825968

Damn I clean forgot about this.

I haven’t gotten anything. Maybe I should hit them up. But it wouldn’t be terribly gracious: “Hey, where’s my free stuff?”


free stuff that you could sell :wink: