Tips for getting better reads with NExT?

Now that my NExT has healed up nicely, I’ve been trying to use it more and more for projects and things in my daily life. One of the first things I did was clone my apartment’s HID proxkey to it and I’ve been able to get reads with it on my apartment’s doors since day 1. Unfortunately it tends to take upwards of 5 tries to get a successful read even though I think I’ve found the reader’s sweet spot. Anyone got tips to get better reads?

You’ll learn the movement. I went from 1 in 10 to 10 of 10 within weeks. Not much more you can do.


Do you have a field detector or diagnostic card?

Yeah I’ve used them to try and figure out positioning better but getting a read from my actual implant is still so much more finicky.

There are two sides to the implant. Try coming at the reader from completely different angles and see which side the antenna is on. Might make your life a bit easier

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Time period from install to now?

One thing I found worked for me was rather than presenting and hoping to get a read was, going to a swiping, slicing motion.
I would place my implant to the middle of the reader(where there is no antenna) and I would “slice” downward “cutting” the antenna on the perimeter with my implant.
Works every time.
I can also present to the antenna and I can get a successful read more often than not now, it is not as reliable as the “slicing method” … For me anyway.
Something worth trying.

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Agreed on the slice, I do the same technique and it works wonderfully

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