Tips or tricks for top of hand?

I’m planning on an installing an xSIID between middle and ring fingers on the top of my hand. Other than rolling to ensure as many vessels and Important Anatomy is out of the needle’s path, and ensuring straight placement/guide markings in both flexion and extension, any tips or tricks for top of hand placement?

I’m a little skeeved out doing something not in the “standard” position due to the standard being so perfect in terms of being more of an anatomical void than other spots, but I’ve got those taken on both hands. I considered edge of palm but I feel like getting separation between anatomical planes is gonna be harder there and I’d much rather shoot for a spot that’s a little easier to maneuver in to get at a shallower depth for the LED.

This isn’t the first implant I’ve orchestrated and executed so I’m set on general mechanics, but am looking for any specific hacks or handy tips for this specific anatomical zone. Thanks!

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