Titan Artwork Ideas?

Come on… I know it was last century, but still :slight_smile:



With the whole mark of the beast thin why not get 666 or the mark of cain :thinking:


I’m thinking about anodizing, aiming for a complete blue or fade.
But I mean it would mean it’s not sterile anymore so… probably just a thought.

If it’s anything like steel, you can blue it with only oxide. That’s what steel blue is (or yellow, or purple): it’s a controlled oxidation that leave a layer of oxide with a thickness on the order of the wavelength of the color you want. I presume something similar can be achieved with titanium.

Sure can, titanium anodising is done in a sulfuric acid solution using somewhere between 0v and 100v depending on the desired color.
For blue, its between 15v and 40v depending on which particular hue you’re after.

Great! Color casing and sterilization at the same time :slight_smile:

True! I hadn’t considered that sulfuric acid could be a viable method of sterilisation :thinking:

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I actually would prefer unmarked. That way I get it faster. But seeing as they are going to be going under the laser anyway, I just don’t want something lame-o.

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actually the affordable care act (obamacare) had provisions to make serialization mandatory for implants… this is what spurred the whole stupid moron parade claiming obamacare requires chip implants… because monkeys can’t read.


I’m guessing the serialization is for keeping track of what the implant is, who the patient is, who the doctor was that did the implantation, and the date of surgery? Besides basic statistics data what would be the purpose?

CSI! That’s how you catch serial killing cannibals.
Don’t you watch tv?:wink:

It’s just the one cannibal actually…


Great Movie.

I choose to believe that is what @Devilclarke
Bristol/ West Country accent sounds like