Titan install sharing thread

yep… but… you probably won’t be able to find chlorhex suitable to use for this purpose yourself… you need to be a lab or med office to get unsullied chlorhex, which is 70% isopropyl + 4% chlorhex + 26% water. Basically, don’t use a chlorhex based soap… don’t use chlorhex solution for animals as this is denatured with a skin dye for marking treated skin and this dye will stick to lots of things and its not great when going under the skin.

If you cannot find anything suitable, simply soaking 70% isopropyl alcohol for 24 - 48 hours should do the trick. It won’t kill certain rare nasty viruses and spores, but they are rare. Even chlorhex won’t kill 100% of everything… but… again… the things that can survive these solutions are rare.

Medical supply stores SHOULD sell it.

People have to do cares at home, so I would look around. Worst case, order some online. Don’t give your next implant a chance at infection.

If you can’t find any, DM me.

you can def buy chlorhex wipes and scrubs which have “pure” chlorhex… but you can’t buy like a bottle of it. If you wanted to literally squeeze out 100 wipes… sure that could work.

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Only took me 4 swabs.

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I figured that was the mentality. Sadly there are not many installers near me in Michigan.
I have a friend that is in the medical field do it, but we didnt seem to be able to correctly decide how deep and what angle to go. That was the biggest issue, and kinda hard to find a sweet spot of where it should be online. We also probably didnt make the pocket good enough (which also seems like a big contributing factor).

I wasn’t aware people made the cavity with something other than scalpels. What did you use?

That’s exactly the one we used. My friend was taken a bit off guard by the size of the titan compared to the magnet used in the video. They did the placement pretty close to the video.

It is out now and currently sitting in a dram filled with 4% chlorhex. After reading amal’s comments ill be moving it to IPA.

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Holy shit

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I was going to ask about Chlorhexidine Gluconate Oral Rinse, but that is only 0.12% :grinning:

It’s now been two weeks and a day since my initial Titan install. I think it’s healing just fine with the super glue method. It doesn’t really hurt and I can feel 20amps easily (tested with a battery charger). I can also easily control little magnets but I don’t stick stuff to myself unless it’s an accident since it’s still healing.

Using a vein finder makes it creepy looking :slight_smile:


Finally had it fixed, it’s much more sore now, but everything looking fine so far.


Got my Titan installed yesterday! Will be posting progress pics as it heals :slight_smile:


A week in, it’s healing very nicely :slight_smile:


Kinda sorta on topic.

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Just got mine installed. Went rather well, no pain thanks to digital block and cut was made from the front of finger to back and the pocket was made with a scalpel.
This is around 12 hours after install. The black markings where made with a pen while planing the placement.

Looks like a lot of blood is inside the pocket (the entire pocket area is dark when lighting from the back). Is this normal/ok?

One week since install. I went to Pineapple and it was a super easy process. The magnet has shifted a bit, but seems to have ended up in an okay spot. I’ve not been messing around with it too much, but can feel microwaves, laptop charger bricks, and the magnets on the sides of my laptop keyboard.


I’ve been sitting on my batch 1 titan for a while now, wasn’t possible to find an installer in my home country. But I finally got it in!!!
Day 2:

Day 6 (today):

Can’t feel anything yet, but im very excited for when it finally happens :slightly_smiling_face:


They didn’t autoclave it right?

Nah… They would have let it cool off before implanting it, surely…

Thank you! I’ll be here all week.


No, he read the the text on the packaging that says it’s already sterilized and implanted it without doing anything to it.

I do feel a little tingling here and there but i haven’t felt anything else. But I also try to keep it away from strong magnetic fields during the healing process, so it’s not that weird that i haven’t felt anything yet :sweat_smile: