Titan install sharing thread

I haven’t done anything as of yet. Life has been a bit too “lifey” lately.

I will update / share what I get done with the original creator’s permission when I get back in the swing of things.

Fill your boots with this one

TiTAN.STL (22.7 KB)\

Let me know if you would prefer another file format

Here is MOST of the list


HI yall!

Just got my titan a few weeks ago and so excited to get it installed. This will be my second implant, my first being a vivokey that has been latent for awhile due to switching to iOS and losing my pin :man_facepalming: so this feels like my first one!

I’m thinking of getting it in the right hand ring finger on the side adjacent to my pinkie as it seems like it’s been going well for most folks and not too in the way? I’d prefer to get it in the same spot on the left but I actually got bit by my circle saw awhile ago on that exact part of my finger so there’s still some scar tissue and such so I imagine it would be such a good spot but I’m curious to get everyone’s thoughts!

A little tough to see in photos but there’s a fleshy lump of scar tissue on the side of the finger.

I’m going to roger rabbit at ancient adornment in Los Angeles who also did my vivokey install with no problems at all. I’ve been stalking these forms and biohack.me for awhile and haven’t happened to find a lot folks out in southern California area but maybe I’m missing them?

Anyway super excited and will let y’all know how it goes once I get a date set with Roger!


I’m also having trouble finding an installer nearish to me in Southern California for my titan :confused: im about 2 hours from ancient adornment and really hate driving up to LA so if you find anything else nearer to OC or SD keep us updated!

I have it in that spot (well, more on the pad and not on the side, but still), and I like it - during healing, you can usually just move your ring finger away from trouble, and for sensing and lifting little things, it works really well.
But I’d say - if you have a good installer, let him / her decide which finger is best. Mine just squeezed all my finger pads before, and he said the ring finger would be the only one with enough “soft” tissue to place the Titan in. My middle finger pad would have been bigger, obviously, but he said it felt too tight, and so the implant might be rejected easier.

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That makes plenty of sense, thanks for the feedback @Coma! What did your installer mean by too tight? As in the skin being too taught?

I haven’t heard of anyone aside from Roger at ancient adornments in SoCal but if you’re ever in the area feel free to pm me! :slight_smile:

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Yep, pretty much that. If you pinch your fingertips, you will feel that some have a higher resistance while others feel a bit more “soft”, and according to my artist, this is actually more important than the sheer size of the fingertip itself.
Since my magnet is sitting happily (and almost invisible!) in its place, I guess he was right :wink:


Installed my Titan in mid March.

This is what it looks like today. I think it healed well.


I got an xG3 installed where I got but by a razor blade and wouldn’t recommend it. This is what it looks like.

The red is the implant and the blue is the outside of the scar. It was cut off like a flap so the scar tissue goes all the way down. The scar tissue made the installation more difficult and more painful. It also hurts pretty bad if I bump it just right. It doesn’t seem to effect sensing though.

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For those of you who installed the Titan at your fingertips. After it heals, how is typing? How long did it take to heal before you could type again? I’m at my computer and need to type a lot, so I just want to know what to expect or change placement if needed.

I can’t feel it while typing.

It took about 3 days and after that I had no pain typing but that will highly depend on on the install position and your body.

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Appreciate it. I can do 3 days without using that finger for typing no problem.
My body heals pretty quickly but even if t takes a few more days that’s fine, just want to ensure I can get back to typing again without any issues after installation.

For me it took about 3 weeks to comfortably type normally again. I’ve found myself that for me scalpel work healing to normal takes about 3-6 weeks (basically that’s the point that I forget that I’ve gotten it done recently).


It won’t be healed after the three days

Mine is installed that far backwards that I don’t type on it since I type with the tip of the tip.

The three days were enough to don’t have pain on the wound that is next to the spot that I use for typing but I’m sure if it would sit more to.the front it would hurt for way longer


For me it was rather weeks than days, too, but the titan sits pretty much on the spot I hit the buttons with…
But I started typing again after a few days as well, just trying not to use this very finger - felt totally stupid (and a lot slower than usual), but it was okay.
Now, after it’s fully healed, I can type all day long without any problems. Carrying heavy stuff or gripping something with a bit more force works totally fine as well now, though it took a bit longer.

My titan is kinda off to the side of the finger so I don’t really remember any delay typing with it…

Then again I don’t tend to touch type


I explicitly tried to not do this.
At my installer I pressed my finger on the table really hard in multiple angles, so she could see where my skin “folds” (buckles up??).
She proceeded to install it directly above this line.
So when using my finger normally, I don’t even feel the titan.

I didn’t even try to type with it for a few days, but when I did I can’t remember any pain or anything.
I wouldn’t wanna touch my dirty keyboard with the wound still open tho, so maybe give it a few days in any case?


I installed my titan Sunday night! Installed to my right ring distal on the outside. I took a slightly different approach on making the cut, and coupled with using my left hand and not being left handed it seems to have came out alright. The pain has subsided and seems to be less pain daily.

I filleted a small flap of the skin from the outer edge (not quit to the nerve bundle) towards the print until I was a pocket, then slid the magnet in and wrapped the skin back closed. I used topical lidocaine, hair tie tourniquet, and dipped the scalpel in topical lidocaine as well. Took ~12 minutes for the procedure (it was my first attempt).

Pain scale 3/10. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. It hurt but no worse than slicing your thumb open with a filet knife cleaning fish.

I wanted to take a video and was going to use my Google glass for a first person video, but forgot to turn on the camera before my hands were sterile and didn’t wanna redo sterilization. Maybe next time :smiley:. I still have a few x series and flex series to install. Just trying to resist the urge to do them all at once to give my body time to heal right.

Thanks everyone for all the information and videos that helped me feel confident enough to make it happen. I don’t have an installer close to me 🥲

P.S. I have a waterpik tooth brush and it makes my finger buzz like crazy! Such a weird feeling. :smiley:

Edit: wanted to add something


Background:. I live in a very rural area and have chickens and acreage. So doing my daily chores were a bit of a pain (har har) not using my finger…

Things I’ve learned:

  • watch out for big strong magnets in places you don’t realize would have a magnet. My side by side has a compartment held closed by some very strong magnets. When the titan flipped in my finger I think my eyes rolled into the back of my head and it was painful and just a full on sensory overload. I’ve also lost some sensitivity that o had prior to “discovering” this other magnet. However the strength still seems to be intact.

  • I have also come to realize just how important that finger is for grip.

  • it really does work for sensing significant electrical current! I was skeptical but I’ve actually used it to my advantage twice now when rewiring some parts of my boat (24ft pontoon). E.g. I can tell which cable is the charging cable connected to the battery of the charger is plugged in. This made it easy for me to figure out which wires were which, and which had current without using my multimeter. The other instance was rewiring the bilge pump.

  • after a month most the skin sensitivity from being sliced open is gone and just a minor scar on my finger.

  • took about a month for my grip to not cause any pain. Although it still hurts a little if I grip a odd shaped surface that pushes deeply into my finger (think car steering wheel that has the seem inside it)


If you have slack in the wire you can coil it up to make an air core electromagnet and sense smaller amounts of current more easily