Titan install sharing thread


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This right side is so visible… Everything except that is ok. I it wouldn’t be sticking out as much there it would’ve been healed long time ago.

Yeah I’m thinking this won’t end well, unfortunately. Keep on reporting, but that’s really not ideal and I think it’ll work its way out eventually.

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Out of curiosity and preparing for the worst as my install might be coming up soon as well,

What should one do in the case of a rejection or otherwise failed install?

Im presuming it’s not as simple as throwing it back in the pouch right?

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Amal would have to get back to you on resanitization, but I just want to say please don’t autoclave your titan. Magnets are significantly weakened when they get up to 150°C

:hugs::hugs:Hug o’clock it is!
Updates later…

Update: The needle (KillerInk) perfectly fits the Titan. However, I found the pointed edge being tooooo long. So that end (sharp) created the incision. I had to widen the hole with an instrument (scissors insert and open). Once it was the desired size I flipped the needle around and inserted the magnet through the blunt end. Pulled it into place with another magnet. Wipe, super glue, pint of beer.



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Oof I’m thinking looking at that it may be time to think about removing.

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Agree… this one is pretty sure on it’s way out, at least that’s my non-medical opinion :cry:
The skin above the magnet is already very thin, and it looks like it’s “dead skin”, so, not supplied with blood or such - I’m afraid a little bump or such on that spot would be enough to lose the magnet. Or the picture is looking much worse than IRL, that happens frequently with bodmod-pics :wink:
Is the reddish area below the magnet painful to the touch?

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Yeah, I agree. If it was mine, what I myselfwould do…

Clean finger, cut above magnet slow to not scratch it, and pop it out like a cyst.

Magnet goes into a mini vial with clorhexidine, and a butterfly badge to keep the finger closed.

If I opened it up and there is pus. I would call my doc for advice.

This is what I would do. Not. A suggestion


Shit, I missed this!! >.<

So… it looks like it’s expelling, but it might still be ok.
(I don’t see inflammation, redness, fluid buildup, pus signs…)

If I read the pic right, looks like the magnet’s edge is poking against the skin. So if you rotate it 45 degrees so that the base of the magnet is facing the skin you would:

  • stretch less the skin
  • generate more space between bone and titanium

Both these factors combined might make the magnet sit better inside the finger, with no need to remove it.

To rotate if 45 degrees… mechanical force using your other hand. Maybe apply a tight micropore on top overnight to avoid it from “flipping back”

Not at all

To be fair, it does look better IRL

What do you mean exactly?

That’s a good sign, so I guess (!) there is no real inflammation or something like that

That’s another good one… :wink:
And if there is no infection, and you’re not bothered by the possible risk of a visible scar on your fingertip (because things growing out sometimes leave more visible scars than when you take them out before), you might just try out what @Eyeux recommended - I think he advised you to “flip” the magnet a bit, so the edge is no longer pushing against the skin the way it does now, but instead faces the skin with its base.

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To me, thhat photo doesn’t look so bad.
It only screams: “bad positioning”, not “danger”

I meant to grab the magnet with your other hand’s finger and move it so it sits in a better angle.

It looks to me that the Titan is in the right angle for a pad placement, but its placed laterally (which would require a different angle).

see this suuuper high def image:

Judging only by the photos you posted, I guess your Titan is on this “current” position below:

If that’s the case, just “grab it” and twist it as per the “motion” above, so that it gets to the right position, as per “Objective” above.

depending on how well is the pocket formed, that might hurt and cause it to bloat up again for a while.

The other option would be to push it into the correct pad placement, but the tall height of the titan makes it so I doubt you could actually carve the “meat” as needed, so to do that you would need to remove it, let the finger heal, then re-implant it.

ps: I’m aware fingers are filled with fatty tissue and tendons, but “flesh” and “meat” make it easy to explain

Exactly what I meant! :grin:


Yeah, I understood what you meant after I woke up properly.
So I couldn’t get it to rotate until (if you are a doctor, better don’t read this) I literally flicked it and it seemed to work.
This damaged skin where magnet was pressuring it is now on top of it and the edge isn’t cutting into anything now.
I’ll keep posting updates.


Yeah, pretty sure most have done way more. I can only reference surgeons though, I never worked with any other ones

Looks like it’s going well.
If you feel it trying to go back into the bad position, try some micropore to keep the area tightened.

Yeah, most folks would be way more conservative and recomend you just remove it.

But honestly, the damage of removing then re-inserting would be much more than the damage you would get from flicking it (I said it would hurt).

Don’t get worried if it bloats a bit, by the way. It’s expected to happen.
Just keep it well monitored.

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It’s getting better


Looks a lot better already!

Glad to see it!

Just keep monitoring it now and you should be golden! :relieved:

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