Today was implant day :)

Today I finally got my first implants after a few years of wanting them. Got a VivoKey Spark 2 and a NExT in my left hand, and a blue xSIID in my right. NExT in L0, xSIID in R0, and the Spark 2 in L2. Pirate was my installer, at Revolution Tattoo & Body Modification in West Lafayette, Indiana. Did a great job, super nice guy. Got them all implanted 2 hours ago, and I can already read and write all 3 rather easily (super easy with the ACR122U and the KBR1, a bit harder with a phone but not bad). The xSIID is rather bright and visible already despite it only being 2 hours, and shines a great blue (picture below). Already have my xSIID UID set as my pin so I can login with the KBR1, and I got my VivoKey account set up with the Spark. Started pre-natal vitamins a few days ago, hopefully those help things get encapsulated rather quickly. Initial placement seems good, other than that when I flex my left fist, I can barely see the bottom of the Spark 2 poking into the skin slightly. I’m assuming that’ll probably lessen a little as it finds its home and swelling goes down.

Sorry for the darkness of the pic, my phone camera is terrible. Really surprised with how visible it is, curious if it’ll fluctuate in brightness the next few days as it begins healing, or if it’ll stay this bright.

So happy to finally be able to actually be a part of this community. Working on some fun projects right now. I’m converting a cruddy cheap Walmart safe to RFID using an Arduino and a PN532 (nearly done, just polishing things up), and I know it’s a common project, but I’m currently working on converting my car to hopefully unlock and start via RFID. Going well so far, but won’t be able to work on it much until winter break as I’m a full time college student.


Some installs are lucky and are essentially bloodless, so it will probably remain this bright with little to no change as it heals.

Can’t wait to see them posted to the projects category!


Glad to hear that it’ll probably remain bright, it’s such a neat effect. I tried to take another photo, hopefully this is better at showing the brightness (it’s blurry though, hard to take a pic while also holding the ACR122U to it).

I went into it with the expectation of it potentially not being visible for 7 or so days, and not reaching peak brightness until later, so this was an amazing surprise. Thanks for making this possible haha, truly great products.




one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us!


Of course, you are now part of the collective. You might feel a slight tingle, since you’ve had so many new implants installed at once, and you’re receiving the DT mind control signal 3x as strongly as the average new implantee. But don’t worry, it’ll soon pass as your brain rewires itself to respond to the commands of your new Glorious Leader.