Too late to reg for implant party?

I didn’t realize that we needed to pre-reg for the party at Ada’s (neither did the people working there). I’m attempting to purchase an implant and the coupon code is no longer working. Is it too late?

Nope sorry no need to pre-order or pre-register… you can just show up. The pre-order is so people can secure products and a spot in line is all.

There is no needs to pre-register.

I actually had to fix the Coupon Codes to reflect the purchase discounts for those who want to ensure they have a unit since we can only bring a certain number with us besides those actually purchased :slight_smile:
We apologize for the inconvenience:

The following convention is now active for the coupons:

SeattleImplantParty2018xNT For $50.00
SeattleImplantParty2018xEM For $50.00
SeattleImplantParty2018xLED For $10.00
SeattleImplantParty2018RFIDCard For $10.00
SeattleImplantParty2018PN532 For $15.00
SeattleImplantParty2018Shirt For $10.00

Let me know if you have further questions!

My best,