Total newbie! Just a few questions

Hi all! Ive pretty much just discovered this stuff and have a few questions. Which implantable would work best for what I want to do? I’d like to start with a simple business card type info. Like using the linq app or similar. Can I use the same linq app and transfer that info to one of these chips? Thankyou in advance for any help

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Usually the NeXT is a good starter. The HF chip in it will give you the business card functionality you’re looking for (look up NDEF and NFC and mess around with the “NXP tag Writter” app). It also has a LF chip which might come in useful in the future.

If you’re feeling fancy the xSIID has an LED that lights up when you scan it.

In general any implant with an NFC (HF) chip will do the job you requested.

Not familiar with the app but basically on an NFC chip you can put NDEF messages, these can be text, a web link or a trigger to open an app (and many other things). So yes? You can figure this out before buying anything by playing around with the NXP app and any random nfc tag you can find

And in much more detail:
Okay the lik is not working so here “Sharing information with NFC enabled smartphones


Awesome Thankyou for the help.


Make a linq account to test and they just associate a link to your account but your account already has a url so you can write that url to any tag. You would also be able to copy any existing cards unique URL to another card or implant. At least that’s what it looks like at first blush.