Touch n' go NFC?

I did a quick forum search and didn’t see any posts about this, if I am wrong please point me to the thread so I’m not wasting peoples’ time. I just saw an article about a Malaysian company called Touch n Go, it looks like a NFC card linked to a prepaid account. I can’t find if this is something that would work outside of Malaysia or not, or if the account could be linked to an implant instead of a card. Any thoughts?

Most of the time tap and pay is not as simple as registering a basic NFC chip, it needs more security and uses smart cards with generated keys per transaction. This is not possible with standard NFC implants.

The Apex is capable of these kinds of things, but approval and development is hard.

I generally travel to Malaysia at least once a year, and I have seen the Touch n Go logo all over the place whilst travelling around.
My understanding is that it is a Malaysia wide system, utilising UHF for their toll gates, NFC public transport and often seen in shops also NFC.
I’m not 100% sure, but from my observations, I think it is a National ( Malaysian ) payment system.

I have never seen it in any of the other ASEAN countries ( Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines ( but I haven’t been to the Phillipines for a number of years, so MAyBe :man_shrugging: …), which, if it was an international payment system I would have expected to see through the ASEAN trade and travel agreements.
However, I have seen it in Singapore, but only the UHF toll system at the causeway border crossing entering Malaysia. ( I guess for regular Singapore to malaysia travellers )

Have you got the link?

I’m probably not going to Malaysia until later in the year, so it will have to be a google search for now

Touch 'n Go - Wikipedia the wiki page has a link to the website as well. According to wiki they are using a mifare classic chip in the cards. Its been a long time since I’ve been on the forum so I haven’t kept up on the latest stuff going on. I know the apex is on hold for now but if this company can have a chip connected to a card why can’t we. I know the credit card companies aren’t really cooperating but if the spark 2 could be linked to a prepaid account that could be loaded through the vivokey app, is that something that could work?

I know it is usually more complicated but for this card I am pretty sure they are just using a card with a mifare classic chip in it.

Payment processors have ideological issues with implants. As you alluded to, Apex is fully capable of doing payments but they will not allow it to be activated on their network.