Tracking number and estimated time

Hi, I just completed my order, when I can get my tracking number? And how long does it take to delivery? (Singapore address)

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Unofficial answer
You should get a confirmation email soon ™, then a day or so later a shipping (maybe tracking) number.

Dangerous things uses DHL for international shipping.
Here’s a DHL estimate

Parcel Direct - 12-19 business days.

Whilst you wait:
What did you buy?

Have you got somebody ready to install it for you?

Where are you going to have it installed?

What are you going to use it for?

Do you need any advice? help?


I see your order. It will be packed and shipped tomorrow. You will receive an email from DHL with a waybill number!



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Many thanks! I choosed the USPS priority option, not choosed DHL option, is this a problem? (The reasons I pick USPS are 1. USPS option shows me Priority Mail which means faster I think; 2. One week ago I confirmed an order with DHL option, but I got the email says DHL cannot ship to my address and canceled my order. So this time I pick USPS.)

While, you mentioned Dangerous things uses DHL for international shipping. Can my package still be delivered as scheduled? Thank you!

I can talk for Austria:
Shipped on a monday - deliverd same week on Wednesday or Thursday

Thanks for your information :smile:

If we can ship via DHL that will be the best fastest option but if not we will ship USPS.

Thanks for your concern but no worries! There will be professionals help me to implant it, only please send the tools I need along with chips. Otherwise I have to borrow anything from a tattoo artist. :innocent: