Trouble with first implant

Well since I was unable to write to it I wasn’t sure if it would even beep on an access door. I did try to put it up against an access door I planned to use it on tho and there was no beep.

By default, it comes configured as an EM4100 tag. If you present it to a door access reader that expects such tags, it should beep.

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Even tho I wasn’t sure, that’s what I thought it should do. Unfortunately there was no beep. My iPhone reads the HF just fine tho. Other than the fact I can’t currently write to it.

When you say the “blue reader”, do you mean that thing?


You did see the warning on the product’s page, right?

WARNING Due to the design of T5577 chips, it is possible to “brick” your xEM attempting to clone any ID to it. For more information, please read this forum post for more information.

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I guess I misunderstood. I forgot the next has two in it. I thought the next was different than the xem and therefore that didn’t apply to mine. What do you suggest? Would a bricked implant beep or no?

If it’s bricked it’s bricked. A Proxmark3 might be able to talk to it and reset it, but nothing else will I think.

Having said that, it may not be bricked. I’m just pointing out the fact that it’s a possibility.

What did you try to clone it with? I mean what kind of chip did you try to clone?


And HID Prox

So, did you try to get your implant read on where the original HID Prox tag works?

There are 4 possibilities really:

  • The reader where the original HID Prox works beeps with the implant and opens the door: the implant is all good
  • The reader where the original HID Prox works beeps with the implant but it doesn’t open the door: it’s not dead, but it might be misconfigured. It’s happened to me once
  • The reader where the original HID Prox works doesn’t beep, but an EM4100 reader does: your implant wasn’t programmed at all
  • No reader beeps: there’s a good chance the chip is bricked, but only a Proxmark3 can tell for sure - and possibly recover it if that’s the case
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It doesn’t show up with my HID Omnikey reader. Should I wait for a while or just order a proxmark?

Well, if you have the money and you really want to get into implants, I suggest you order a Proxmark3 RDV4 and a ProxLF coil, regardless of what’s happening with your current implant. The price of the Proxmark stings, but there’s nothing better to goof around with NFC and RFID transponders on the market.

With respect to your current problem, if the chip is in a bad way and you order the Proxmark / ProxLF, be prepared to have to have the chip taken out and replaced anyway.

Or you can wait for other fellow forum dwellers to chip in, because there’s a fair chance that I’m mistaken :slight_smile:

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That’s GREAT news!! I have had mine since Wednesday, my DT usb scanner works great, my phone … Sometimes it’s easy sometimes I struggle. And my LF door at the office picks it up about like my phone, sometimes easy, sometimes a few tries. I had a chiropractor friend X-ray my hand and I was worried it’s too close to the bone, but after hearing this I feel better. Now I’m anxious to compare x-rays later on to see how much it settles.

I think you are bang on the money

If it is in the fascia layer you should be able to feel it, but depending on your physiology, you may not be able to see it

Try TagInfo for iPhone Both your HF NExT-xNT and the TagInfo App are made by NXP, so that is probably your best chance of reading, although the swelling won’t be helping. give it some more time.

The blue cloner comes in different models, they may look the same on the outside, but not necessarily the same on the inside.
As @anon3825968 said, from the factory your NExT - xEM will be in EM mode, you want HID mode so your results are not unexpected with your access panel not responding and the same with

Have you seen this video

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Ok, I see. So it wouldn’t beep because it’s not in HID mode. Sounds like I will just have to buy a better reader/writer. As for the NFC, I tried that app and it does read it, as does all the other ones. The issue is writing to it. I was able to write a few times, until coincidentally I got the info I wanted to write correct and then it filed every time after. Yes I did try other things to write to see.

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That is your better bet, However;
Depending On how much you will be reading writing, you could try again.
Reading you Work access card with blue cloner
Does it beep?
How many times?

Now try to locate your NExT
Do you have a small neodymium magnet? or strong fridge magnet, you may be able to locate your NExT that way.
Mark the position with a sharpie etc.

Open the Blue cloner to access the antenna, press the antenna firmly where you think your NExT is, try to read.
Does it beep?
How many times?
If you get it to beep, mark the placement of the antenna, repeat reading you NExT a few times until you’re comfortable.

Now read your work card again.
Place the cloner antenna firmly on your NExT and write… Hold very still and keep in place a little longer ( writing takes longer than reading.)
Did it beep? How many times? IF Not, it MAY still have written, so test on access panel.
I would also recommend fresh batteries in your cloner, before your testing.
3 scenarios

  1. It works ( But will have pin on it, will still work but you will be tied to cloner for reading and writing until you grab a ProxMark)
  2. It tears during write, but is recoverable with Proxmark
  3. Worse case, it is actually Bricked
    Good luck
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I watched that video and notice how finicky it can be with alignment. Since I can’t see it or feel it I can’t be sure of the alignment. Would just a better one like a proxmark Bypass that issue? The field detector shows the blue reader as very weak

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Would a magnet not damage it or at least clear the data entirely?

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Did you open it up to access the actual antenna?

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Took it apart and it made a dramatic difference in the field detector. But no magnetics could find it. It must be deep, because they didn’t even feel it at all. What are implications of it being in the muscle?