Trusted Fitters in Kent, England

I’m saving up for my first implant after reading about everything I think my first implant will be a walletmor as that is something that will be useful to me on a near daily basis, but first i need to budget, so if anyone has links to trusted Fitters in Kent i would love to compile a list to make my choice, I’m a little bitch when it comes to pain (partner hates it :eyes:) so anesthetic preferred but if they can handle a wincing baby then not overly an issue.

Just pop some website or social media links to look at with location and approx costs if possible.

I dont drive so the closer to Thanet the better

Hopefully once all this lockdown stuff is over and I can actually sell my stock at cons and parades again I can get this paid for and finally be part of the scene and not just some dude on the forum xD

I would argue there’s a big problem finding any fitters in the whole of UK at the moment, and not only for covid reasons.

After Dr. Evil, every parlor is terrified of doing anything out of the ordinary since now there’s precedent for any council to just seize up and rule them out of their own morals.

I know there are very few places where they still have prices up on the sites for flex installs, but those haven’t been repplying much for over an year now.

And the best installers we used to have UK-wide, such as Nici, have been avoiding flex work.


I think @Devilclarke knows a studio which is still doing it…

Closest place I’ve found so far is in Oslo, though… :sweat_smile: (hence me doing my installs by myself / teaching my neighbour how to perform it… not the best approach, I know.)

So… not much help, sorry. :woman_shrugging:

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Did you check out the KSEC cyborg centres?

How close are you to Gillingham?

KSEC Cyborg Centers -


Check out ksec, don’t know if they will install the flex with a needle the whole Dr evil shit fd up the whole uk bodymod scene.


Not too far, about just under 40 miles or so, my friend who drives loves taco bell so I guess if I offer to get him Taco bell from the docks I could get a lift xD

Yh, I considered learning my self but I have shaky hands due to ADHD meds as a kid combined with Mould exposure due to a slum landlord who refuses to fix the issue (in talks with solicitors about this)

Yh will definitely check out Ksec, Hopefully they’ll still be up for it, I just wanna pay for my shopping by hand damnit :rofl:


Haha, If I was in the UK I would drive you for that fee :taco: :bell:


Cant beat a good Quesadilla :rofl:


Well I mean I’m in Bristol looks like I’m helping another member with a walletmor implant if all else fails I could help out once all this locdown crap is over. The only trick is going to be sterilising the needles imma talk to a vet around the corner see if they got an autoclave


My vet did my cats implant, maybe if I ask nicely
and get on all fours she’ll do me aswell for 20 quid :joy::rofl:





I’m in Surrey and will be doing my Walletmor implant.

Not that close to Kent mind you but better than Oslo.


Noice, will you be doing it with numbing agents or going hardcore with pinch and scalpel

I did my two previous ones with a topical anaesthetic but I will be doing this one with local.

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Nice I had that during my V surgery in Sandwich, might have to give you a shout when I got the muns for ya, my walletmor and COVID has buggered off

Bit closer than me gov :sweat_smile:

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For sure, get in touch via a DM or

I’ll be using the needle technique with local anaesthetic for the Walletmor implant, expecting to close with a simple steri strip but this will be a good test to see if a suture would be more appropriate.

The Walletmor delivery should be by the end of the month so should be in by March.

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Still gotta talk with missus yet, she hasn’t been too agreeable on me wanting to drop 150 quid on an implant xD,

Also I’ve realised with the shorter flex (butterfly like the walletmor) they can be installed with standard 4g piercing needles so no need to panic getting the DT one sterilised. That’s a big bonus.

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I know a guy who deals in diamonds. 1ct. oughta do it. Maybe two 1/2ct. solitaire earings?