TV interview (Austria) about implants

Its german, but I must say I was on TV - we filmed it in April. The Team contacted Amal and he gives them my mail :slight_smile:

its around 5:35 the complete small documentation is about communities in Austria.
I must also say the magnet in the video isn’t from DT.


Thanks for sharing @JennyMcLane , I wish I spoke German…


I played it with my google audio :studio_microphone: translate running in the background…

I’m not 100% sure, but I think Amal actually installed a CHIP under the skin rather than a JEEP, but hey, who knows? :man_shrugging: Germans are into a lot of fringe stuff…

:syringe: :mechanical_arm: :blue_car:


i can write a translation after work :slight_smile:


A single TV show about organic farming, furries, implantable microchips, wiccans and a strange kind of sport I never heard of - nice mixture! The chip part was well done, I think - obviously very short, but non-biased, and I had to smile about the lots of DT products that were just “accidentally” lying around :wink:

Yes we are :stuck_out_tongue: But this is a TV show from Austria, so I’m pretty sure they did not implant any vehicles - your translator might just have slight problems with the Austrian dialect :wink:


i showed them also the TITAN and the flexNExT
my corner from my desk is full with DT stuff

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