Two (and a half) x-series self installed

Ok, so I’m officially aboard the cyborg train. I installed NeXT at L0 and Spark2 at L2.
I did also install xLED (white) at L0 but it as too shallow and escaped my body as I was doing the NeXT.


Welcome to the club! And I’m sure if you save the xLED you’d be able to find a piercer who can autoclave it and reinstall it.

Thanks. I sure hope so, I think its technically not legal for them here in NZ.

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I think @Pilgrimsmaster will know if it is legal or not in NZ.



As mentioned by @Mondaytothursby, it can be autoclaved and reinstalled. Although, depending on what you find for piercers (and their price points), it might honestly be cheaper to get another one for $39-49. Thankfully it happened to the cheapest implant sold. Could always keep this one to show people, worst case. It would make a neat demonstration tool.

Congrats on two successful injections though! Hope your healing process goes well.

Any projects planned for the near future?

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Yes Haha, non data-capable makes xLED probably the best one to mess up as far as $$ goes but its the most interesting one to show off to other people.

I have a DesFire V2 Flex which I will need a piercer (or at least an assistant) for.

Tattoos & piercings

Unlike many other countries, New Zealand doesn’t have a national legal age restriction for getting a tattoo or getting your skin pierced. However, some regional councils and local businesses have their own set of age regulations.

Basically it depends.
Your Age, City the piercing is getting carried out in, and what you are getting done.

If you are informed and consenting and >18yo, there should be no issues anywhere
<18yo or <16yo in some instances, again with parent or guardian consent you are good to go.

I have never bothered looking deeply into it.

The first piercer I asked had no issue, she was surprised at the size of the custom needle but happily stabbed me anyway

There are 2 professional installers on the DT partners map, I know both happy to do xSeries, maybe more if you ask.