Two xLEDs in the same install location

I kind of want to get an xLED-HF and an xLED-LF installed right next to each other to work like DT field detection card but I don’t know where I’d put them! I’d want using them to be kind of inconspicuous and easy to see. I thought maybe knife edge but that might be hard to see. Has anyone done this or have any thoughts?

Me too!

I was thinking maybe P1 and P2 or something like that.

I would suggest something like @StephenBoose
(bottom video)


I have a NExT with an HF xLED next to it, making it like an indicator light in P0. I wouldn’t recommend a higher gauge needle like the xLED for a knife edge installation unless you have decently sized hands. I have a VivoKey Spark 2 in my left knife edge and a white xSIID in P4. The white xSIID isn’t noticeable when not in use and same with the Spark 2! Honestly, none of my implants are too noticeable. My HF xLED is most noticeable in P0.

Sorry, I meant inconspicuous to use. Like, I don’t want to have to take off my shoe and scan my foot, LOL!.


I’ve found all HF dangerous things products that I’ve tried can read extremely well in any of P0-6.


I don’t have a lot of meat on my hand at all, and the 3mm xG3 fits in my knife edge just fine. There’s a very small bulge where the magnet is, but it’s not noticable unless you’re looking for it. Unless your hands are super small, knife edge installations for x series chips should be perfectly fine.

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