Uk based with a lot of questions


So I’m hoping some of you might be kind enough to give me some guidance please, I really wanted a microchipmkmplamting in the UK and wanted to use things like wireless car entry and alarm panels and logging onto a pc, storing directions buisness contacts and contact details and so on, would also love to have payment via a chip but from what I can see that’s a long way off yet, I have heard of this Vivo key, is there one specific chipnor implant I can have done that will do everything I want it to and store info and data and be really good for future developments, k also use an Apple I phone :+1:t2: And have no idea about programming chips etc


If you’re in the UK check out … they carry Dangerous Things and VivoKey products.


Where abouts in the UK are you Griffsphome1?


Based in middlesbrough :+1:t2:


Thanks very much Amal, can you use vivokey with Apple devices or is the platform justnkm android at the moment ? Also what benefits does the bono key have over an nfc chip ?

Thanks in advance for your help I can’t actually find anywhere that tells you the bulk difference between all of the chips


The VivoKey Spark and Flex One can both be scanned for NDEF data by iPhones but iOS restrictions on NFC reader chip access means you cannot use any of the cryptography features. In short, iPhones can scan VivoKey chips to get any information the user wants to share, but you can’t use an iPhone to leverage any of the VivoKey platform features.


Ah, I’ll be a bit far away then. Bedfordshire… ! Was gonna suggest a place that implanted my chip if you were closer. If you ever get down that way… :wink: