Uk based with a lot of questions

So I’m hoping some of you might be kind enough to give me some guidance please, I really wanted a microchipmkmplamting in the UK and wanted to use things like wireless car entry and alarm panels and logging onto a pc, storing directions buisness contacts and contact details and so on, would also love to have payment via a chip but from what I can see that’s a long way off yet, I have heard of this Vivo key, is there one specific chipnor implant I can have done that will do everything I want it to and store info and data and be really good for future developments, k also use an Apple I phone :+1:t2: And have no idea about programming chips etc

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If you’re in the UK check out … they carry Dangerous Things and VivoKey products.

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Where abouts in the UK are you Griffsphome1?

Based in middlesbrough :+1:t2:

Thanks very much Amal, can you use vivokey with Apple devices or is the platform justnkm android at the moment ? Also what benefits does the bono key have over an nfc chip ?

Thanks in advance for your help I can’t actually find anywhere that tells you the bulk difference between all of the chips

The VivoKey Spark and Flex One can both be scanned for NDEF data by iPhones but iOS restrictions on NFC reader chip access means you cannot use any of the cryptography features. In short, iPhones can scan VivoKey chips to get any information the user wants to share, but you can’t use an iPhone to leverage any of the VivoKey platform features.

Ah, I’ll be a bit far away then. Bedfordshire… ! Was gonna suggest a place that implanted my chip if you were closer. If you ever get down that way… :wink:

I’m london based and interested, where did you get yours done? I’m looking at for the VivoKey spark who say they can do it for me (and because they are licenced can even legally use a local numbing agent!)

EDIT: Went with someone else

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi James,

Well, I got my last done in Newport Pagnell of all places in 2015/16 and that was just a regular piercing/tattoo place with no anaesthetic at all but the guy watched the video and did a good job. To be fair it wasn’t all that painful and certainly less so than my first one that wasn’t even in a syringe type device! They were both the cylindrical type though so the VivoKey format is a bit of a step up.

With only a brief look at that link you gave though I think I’d rather go with the local jab for that implant.

I’ve sent something off to Amal in the hopes he can modify it for implant that, if successful, might be in a similar format so I’d be interested to know how you go with yours.

Sorry that’s no help but I have to thank you for giving me another option when the time comes. Keep us posted.


Ah nice! That’s more than fair, The VivoKey i am looking at is the “spark” in a glass capsule format (not brave enough for the flex yet!)

Just wondering why that would be? Am i missing something there? Shopping around right now and keen to get it done “right”

Cheers :slight_smile:

Sorry, if it were the flexible transponder I’d go for a local anaesthetic because it’s a more invasive procedure that will take longer and may even require stitches. I haven’t looked into it so deeply yet as I don’t personally like the thought of stitches because I’m a wuss :joy:. Having said that it will become inevitable as the format size increases so I’ll pick a day I’m feeling brave!

As for the injectable type, it’s uncomfortable for sure but, without offering medical or piercing advice as a non professional, I’d say most reputable piercing studios could do this for you. I’d check locally and find recommendations. That’s what I did and then approached a guy and got him to watch the videos on installation.

I think a thing to remember is to go beyond any placement markings as the chip will tend to move towards the insertion point, (detailed in the video). Perfect placement is difficult to guarantee as it is the human body and as such doesn’t play by engineering rules.

On that site you posted I saw they quote £1,450 to remove any implants. Did they quote you to put one in?


Yeah to put one in it’s looking at about £70-150, just waiting for a final quote now.

And good advice about the placement, will keep that in mind :slight_smile:

(I’m so excited!)

Ah, that’s not so bad. I think you’ll find it cheaper in a piercing studio but this shouldn’t be about price… and the local anaesthetic is a personal choice that may make it worth it for you.

Just make sure that if you walk into a studio, YOU feel confident in their ability. Experience of sub dermal anchors, long piercings and, shall I say, ‘intimate piercings’, should give you an idea of skill level.

I just shot the Bioteq guys an email asking about the flexible type so we’ll see what they come back with.

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Yeah haha. To be honest I’ve been ok with “intimate piercings” myself… Just for some reason my hand is making me feel funny thinking about. Some biohacker and bodymod enthusiast i am :rofl:

Btw, I’m glad you’re excited. It’s a brave new world. People have been implanting themselves for a good few years now but more and more useful tech is coming on line. I had my chip in my left hand as I’m waiting for contactless payment and the underground readers are all on the right :wink:.

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Ah yeah when that happens i’ll suckup my worries about the flex and get one put straight in me! Would love to have my oyster in my hand.

Interested in what your “something” is now :wink:

I wish it was! :sweat_smile: It seems to be the question I’ve seen asked most so it’s a bit of holy grail but I’m with you, as soon as it’s available… it’s going in!

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The bioteq people are taking a decent amount of time! I might just go with , they seemed a lot more confident and on the phone were very pleasant. (Can’t get through to BioTeq on the phone even)

Ah, they replied to my email. Maybe they’re heavily booked?

I checked out that other site too. Had to laugh at the silicon bead implants! :joy:

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I’m on my way their now to get it installed! Been super nice over phone and SMS. Will let you know how it goes in less than an hour!! (Jenova that is)

(exciting and scary times!)

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