UK chip for contactless payments

Hi I’m in the UK and want a chip for contactless payments. What one do I get. Thanks

Hi Mick, this post is the one to check out for details, but the short answer is the chip you (and the rest of us!) all really want just doesn’t exist yet.

We get this question quite often here, so rather than go into details I’ll point you there for the best info on the topic.


I mean, could we not just modify this?

4 Year expiration dates though

I think everyone has pretty much covered this already, so thanks everyone.

If you’re UK based then check out KSEC Solutions as were based in london.

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Of convince

Sure, but people still come and talk about it. I think until Apex comes out, there is going to be continual talk about it.

Of course but I don’t think there was much else I could add to the info already provided :slight_smile:

All of us in are waiting for a payment implant to be available. Sadly, it isn’t available yet (aside from Fidesmo Pay which partnered with certain banks in EU).

As you mentioned about the tap and go ring on Instructables, yes there is a service like that. If you have a micro card, there is a micro card to implant conversion service. However, I and many other forum members suggest not to use it as cards expire after about 4 years, and you may possibly get a new card and void the old one earlier than the expiration date. Once the card is invalid, your implant tag is pretty much useless (this is mentioned in the product description).

Currently, Vivokey is working on a more legitimate payment implant by partnering with financial institutions. However, it is currently not approved by EMV yet.

You know, I just thought of something: even if Fidesmo had partnered with a bank in my current country (it hasn’t - yet) and I could pay with my hand in stores, it would be rather inconvenient: with the COVID-19 bullcrap, all the stores have erected a Plexiglas shield to isolate the cashier from hordes of horribly diseased customers.

9 times out of 10, the contactless payment bit of the payment terminal, which is usually a vertical surface on the side of the device, is wedged between the edge of the Plexiglas shield and the terminal - if not behind a small hole in the Plexiglas. In other words, there’s enough space to present a slim credit card, but usually not enough to slip a hand there.

Yeah COVID-19…

That’s interesting. Where I am, there is a hanging plexiglass but the credit card machine is not covered by the plexiglass.