Unlock Android phone

Is there any way of making any of your implants unlock an android cellphone?

Would the signal be strong enough to unlock the phone quick and easy?

Will it be able to withstand the pressure of lifting weights (bodybuilding).

Thank you :blush:

Yes for sure. Smart Lock which has been built into Android for a few versions now allows you to unlock the phone with an NFC tag. The signal issue is really the hurdle you need to overcome. You have a couple options;

  1. get an xNT implant and an xLED-HF diagnostic capsule so you can test your phone to find the best location and rotation to present your xNT implant to the phone. Chances are though that unlocking your phone with an xNT will not be all that easy. Some phones can be used in this way more reliably than others, but some are difficult to use even if you present the tag in just the correct way, it may not always unlock on the first try.

  2. Get a flexNT implanted, which has much better performance with phones and readers.

Overall though, there is a possible bug in Android with Smart Lock… for whatever reason sometimes it just won’t engage the NFC radio and won’t read any tags. I even posted a bug report entry about it; https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=79928#c42

So… milage may vary.