Unlocking phone with tag

is it possible to unlock a note 10+ with a NExT implant.

Android removed that feature a while ago… :cry:

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is there anyway to do it with a rooted phone, i saw where some people were using that solution years ago.

with Android 9 the app “smart pass lock nfc” work.
warning: the app has bugs.
if you use it: set also the password - maybe your phone runs out of power, and you mus start it, the app stopped eorking, you csn onky use the passwird

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do you know if anyone has picked the project back up and is trying to update it for later versions of android .

i cant confirm that this works or not, as i dont trust my abilities to root my phone successfully. but i’ve seen it posted here on the forums before so maybe give it a try after backing up your data in case it doesnt work.


seems good i will try this on my old phone same model just has a broken display