Upcoming Dangerous Things sale.. but also Ukraine

Hey everyone… I figured I’d reach out to get some thoughts from the community about this one…

First off, chip implants are somewhat of a “hope for the future” kind of product… people excited about where humans and technology are going tend to be our customer base. We don’t advertise… we have social media channels and sometimes we push those posts as ads, but we don’t really do “advertising” in the typical sense.

Since the start of all out war in Ukraine, people have obviously had other things on their minds… so we are looking for ways to promote DT and implants, but also

  1. not ignore the situation in Ukraine, in fact I mean to acknowledge it

  2. set up the promotion to put a portion of sales revenue to support Ukraine

  3. not look like a war profiteer while doing it

The idea is to create a sale with some simple discounts on certain implant products, but also create a “donate to Ukraine” optional add-on during checkout. The bottom line would be that a flat percentage of all revenue during the chosen time period would go out as support for Ukraine, along with any additional donations collected during checkout, minus the unfortunately necessary fees we incur for taking the donation (processing fee 3.5%, possible B&O tax, etc.). We would create a “Support Ukraine” page with details on donations sent, and update it weekly.

The payout

As for actually making the donation, we are looking for options.


The first option would be crypto directly to Ukraine. They listed some crypto addresses on the official Ukraine twitter page, but I have no idea how this crypto is actually being utilized, if at all, to help people right now… or if it’s basically being stockpiled for potential future use, possibly to rebuild… I just don’t know. The plus side here is that we can post the blockchain transactions for public verification… if that’s important.

Military support

The National Bank of Ukraine also opened a special account for supporting the military directly;

Humanitarian relief

The NBUA also opened an account for humanitarian support;

What do you think?

The first question is - is this a good idea or no?

  • Good idea. I want to see DT supporting Ukraine.
  • Bad idea. Put on a sale but stay out of Ukraine.

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If we proceed, what would make the most sense to support? We don’t really want to have to track options for individual choices during checkout as to where it should go, we just want to get a simple campaign stood up asap. I’m leaning toward humanitarian relief personally, but I want your thoughts as to how we should do the payouts.

  • Send crypto to Ukraine
  • Support the UA military
  • Support UA civilians
  • I have other ideas and will comment below

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I will abstain from the “where do I send” question for the time being

I still lack a lot of understanding on crypto, and this a a new use case…

I like that it’s not trackable or controllable, but the same gives me cause for concern because I’m a cynical pessimist, that it’s not going into the right account and not an elaborate con etc

I also have little faith in most “charities”, So many like 70-80% never even goes towards directly helping people… pisses me off to no end

But at the same time, doing something… even if you are cynical of how much benefit it will be… is better than nothing


I think a sale to get profits to donate is a good idea. Crypto seems like a good idea, but as you said, we don’t know how they’re using their crypto donations. I’m torn between voting for military or civilians. I know both need the help so much. I did vote for civilians though since other countries are donating military supplies, and I think the value for the donations sent would be higher for civilians. I don’t know how much anti tank weapons cost, but I’m sure you can feed and house a bunch of families for the cost of one lol
However I do understand that they need cheaper equipment like vests, med kits, radios, and so on, so I think either would be a good option.


I wouldn’t be taking part in the sale if I knew that proceeds are going to any military (this is a matter of long-held pacifist and conscientious objector beliefs).

Friends in Ukraine have also suggested Razom for non-military donations, and it’s where I’ve donated.



That’s a valid point to consider…

I have no moral issues wether my support (because you know dt can turn that dial and get money from me) goes towards military use or not…

But some might, and I agree with @invalid_signal that real “military” stuff costs a lot more than feeding and giving shelter to people… more bang for your buck if you will

I think I’m leaning towards civilian uses, not sure if I still like the crypto or not but it’s your show not mine


Razom also accepts crypto… which we would probably utilize to avoid bank fee bullshit… and 501(c)3 registered… and checks out with IRS… and seem to have descent projects.


I am purchasing soon, I am glad you’re doing something here, and I will wait until you have something set up.
I also personally don’t mind whether it’s military or civilians but a good point was made about how much farther it seems the money would go if it was going to civilians, and I have been watching enough WION to see the awful things they are all going through right now.
I have a bit of money in Coinbase Wallet that I can’t seem to get out, it’s USD coin. If anyone could help me retreive, I will donate all of it.


Ok, I’ve chosen to go with Rozom as the organization we will be donating to. As of today (March 7th) we will be putting aside 10% of gross revenues to be donated periodically, and we’ve implemented a way to donate more during checkout for those who want to.

The sale itself will be based on a coupon code which we will publish soon through our socials and Dangerous Announcements - Dangerous Things Forum of course.

The aforementioned announcements post will probably become the donations information post we’ll update on a weekly basis with total collected and totals donated and when.


In times of war, sometimes even civilians become the military. I don’t mind supporting any of them.


Could you add a “Happy Wishes” product for those of us who don’t need product but would like to help the wiley Ukranians?

Make it 1 dollar each, and you can order in any multiple amount?


Yes we could but honestly it would be more efficient and less processing and other overhead to support directly - Donate - Razom


I have “issues” dealing directly with charities. Privacy and getting put on the list of people who will be begged for just one more donation, forever. Roscoe could probably explain it better.

In short, there are lots of causes I would like to support, that I don’t dare to because of the hyper agressive telemarketing approach.

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totally understand… but also just have a peek at the donation page… you can send crypto anonymously if you want :slight_smile:

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Is it in your USD Balance or is it an actual coin in a wallet (USDT Tether)? If it’s in actual USD balance you can can only withdraw it to your bank or to a debit card or use it to buy.

I know it’s a very serious situation but I couldn’t help but laugh aloud while reading this :joy:

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I think you can laugh at anything, I’m glad you could find humour in it

Saw this quote the other day and I felt it was very appropriate to this decade so far

“Life does not cease to be funny when people die,
any more than it ceases to be serious when people laugh.”



I firmly believe the military is the most important thing to support right now - not because the people are less important, but because without the military being given the facilities to fight, there simply may not be a Ukraine to support anymore.

If it’s Ukraine doing the distribution of the funding, honestly whatever they do with it is probably the best use, so I’m not terribly worried about how it gets used beyond that point.

That said, I think either is important, and would gladly pick up a few items in the name of supporting Ukraine. Never opposed to some extra implants, either.