Update on Dangerous Things warranty coverage

Hello everyone. Lately we have been challenged a few different ways with our warranty policy. We’ve had to make some critical changes to the way we handle warranty claims. The biggest change is the warranty policy as it applies to flex vs x-series. Flex products are simply too easy for customers and untrained installers to mishandle, that we are limiting the warranty significantly. Of course, we can decide to side with and support the customer on a case by case basis, and most likely will do so, but as a matter of blanket policy, we can’t claim to warrant each and every claim.

I’m making this announcement to ensure everyone is aware of the change, and that for purchases from this day onward will be affected by the change in policy. Existing customers with flex devices purchased or installed before this date are still covered by the previous blanket policy.


Does the new policy go into effect if for instance I bought a flex before but haven’t gotten it installed yet?

Let me update… any flex purchased before this date is covered by the previous warranty.


Your blanket policy was always very generous, and I would hate to think the change has come about from a person(s) taking advantage of that.

I think your new policy is still more than fair, and I hope it gives you the same protection it now does for us.

The only issue I see is, the possibility of the installers not wanting ANYTHING documented, However, if people simply emphasise
The installer’s name, face, location, procedure prep, etc. is not necessary
That should be a easy sell to a reasonable person.

Also, a two step list is pretty easy to remember

  1. the flex device being removed from the vial, pouch, or polymer bag on to the sterile field
  2. the flex device being picked up and installed by the installer into the incision without tools.

Only these elements must be shown

and it will reiterate the use of tools is not permitted


good notes. updated.


I read the updated warranty and I do not see any reason to complain about it. It seems perfectly reasonable.


Makes sense, with people actively installing flexes in areas that are not recommended… it’s hard to have a blanket coverage… and at some point it’s going to hurt DT which I don’t want


It’s time people start being held accountable for their installer / installation, choice of location and knowledge of implant.

I don’t blame you for protecting DT against customer negligence, it’s gone on long enough.


You might also want to adjust the language on this bubble on the homepage.
Maybe something like “All Dangerous Things x-series implants have a lifetime guarantee…”

That way nobody can claim they received conflicting information.

For once, my work expertise helped me outside of work :astonished:

And it looks like you have the “unless otherwise specified” language in the the return section as well, so it looks like that’s all squared away.


Good point, I’ll review those sections and bring them closer together

Was just researching some options for the future and reading up on the flexM1.

In the description under warning it states " That said, the flexM1 still comes with our lifetime warranty protection..

Is this info hiding and still in the process of updating, or an exception to the flexy warranty?


Oops. My bad. Fixing of product pages to occur shortly.

Have you given any thoughts as to how to identify someone in a video, without making them show their name or face?

I was thinking maybe have their order number shown in the video?

I don’t think the number would mean anything to anyone besides DT, and it should help make sure that it’s actually bobs video and not bob sending in johns video

Could be over thinking it also

Question, I am not and will never be a “professional installer” I have however to date installed 23 x-series and 9 flex implants (not including my own). I live to think I install them all inline with the accepted best practices, if I where to install my own / someone else’s flex and recorded it as requested would that suffice to be covered under warranty if failed?

Also don’t know if anyone else has said it and not wanting to sound like an ass jumping from lifetime warranty to 1 year limited feels a bit shit. I dont have an suggestion or anything on that just it feels like a massive change that people could fall foul of if a device fails.


I’m not too concerned really. It’s an outlier as is… but in terms of policy we needed to make adjustments to fall back on just in case things got… pointy fingered… if you know what I mean.

I would highlight this comment though…

Question and a suggestion

This is specified as a dangerous things change,
I didn’t see any mention, but I would assume this also applies vivokey, since apex isn’t actually a DT product

Suggestion, if not already implemented
Put a sticker on the poly bag to record flex installs


To be honest, I kind of don’t think there will be much problem going forward. The policy is “at our discretion” but it’s not like I plan of refusing… recording or not we put the policy change to enable ourselves to make some decisions when a questionable situation comes up… we had a rash of those at the time.

Still it’s a good idea.


So, a questionable bunch of CUNTS!

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