US card with payment conversion?


I was wondering, if you were shipped a contactless credit card from the US, would you be able to do this with one of those?


It says on the link you sent, not currently. Needs to be a bank MicroCard not a full sized card.


Also please note for people who use bPay: Barclaycard wants to invalidate and reissue their chips so don’t get one for now!


Shouldn’t matter where it was issued (outside of the above issue with Barclaycard in the UK), as long as it’s in the MicroCard format. So yes, a US card would work, but only if it’s issued in the MicroCard format.


But are there even micro payment cards in the US market?


A quick Google shows I couldn’t find any. Will do some digging.

The issue with the US is its only now that chips common are they rolling out contactless cards. The amount of times in new york I got told “Oh cool your card has ‘apple pay’ on it!” because its just not a thing there and people don’t know better.