Users in Peru, suggesting place to install

Hello, just wondering if there are any users from Peru, I got mine on december 2019 but due to covid I haven’t got the opportunity to fully explore the capabilities of the NExt and VivoKey and want to meet people from Lima to know what they have done with the implant.

Also, how do I suggest places to install the chips? my dad is a neuro-surgeon and he implant me the chip, he told me i could recommend him for installations in Lima, Peru, so feel free to contact me.

Best regards


It must be really frustrating to be fully capable to carrying out even a complex implant installation job yourself but having to get someone else to do it on your. Kind of like my hairdresser: he’s always hopping mad when he has to go to the hairdresser himself :slight_smile:

I would suggest trying to get added to the Partner map but it doesn’t seem to be linked into the main site any more.

I’m assuming that he meant that his dad is willing to perform installs for other people, instead looking for someone to install a chip in his hand?

Saludos desde Locombia!

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Yes Yes, he is willing to do the implants.

Saludos parce!

Ooh yeah, you’re correct. I completely misread it.

That was funny :slight_smile: