Using a NExT in similar ways as a VivoKey?

The title says it all really.

Is it possible to use a NExT implant in a similar way to the VivoKey implants? As in using it for DIY projects at home?

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The question is much too vague, because it depends on what you want to do with it. It’s like asking if you can use a calculator like you can use a cellphone: well, possibly - if you use your cellphone’s calculator app :slight_smile:

So I’ll reverse the question: what do you want to do with it?


on a broader sense, Yes.
being a bit more specific: no.

As @anon3825968 said…

So if you can share a bit more of your plans, we can probably be of more use. ^^

Anyway, talking in broad strokes…

VivoKey is a product with potential that reaches far beyond the microchip.

Let’s take just one of the uses for VivoKey: Cross platform identity and password management.
Most of what enables it to do that is a service, not the microchip in itself.

That said, nothing prevents you from building a custom system to make use of literally any transponder chip for… something… :sweat_smile:

If all you want is to use the NExT for access control purposes such as turning your computer, lights, door on/off, then it’s fairly straightforward to build a DIY system.

Now, if you want to use Apps from your chip, which you would build yourself, such as more secure access controll, or JavaCard presentations to NFC phones…
Then you probably can do that with a DesFire chip instead.

But if you want to replicate the functionality of any specific apps from VivoKey…
Then you are most likely better off with the VivoKey.