Using Dangerous NFC app with NeXT

I’m getting a NeXT implant in an hour and would like to know whether I still need to secure the xNT with the Dangerous NFC app or the protection is already set at the factory. Can’t wait to become a part of the future and this community!

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Protection is already set on NExT :slight_smile:

How did it go?

Here is a pre-emptive welcome .gif



welcome, next monday i will put my 3th implant :grinning:
I wear NeXT, Spark2 and i will put xSIID blue Led


Thank you! Got it at Ancient Adornments in LA (flew all the way from PHX), much less painful than I expected. Already checked the xNT to be working and will check the xEM when I get back. Can’t wait to tinker with this thing