Using EIDAuthenticate to login to Windows without PIN

I am using EIDAuthenticate Enterprise right now for logging into my Windows 10 home computer.
I use the ACS ACR122U NFC Contactless Smart Card Reader to read my xNT NFC Tag.

However, when I login I am still required to press “enter” for the pin, even if there is no pin set.
Is it possible to bypass the need for press “enter” for a pin and just login when the Smart Card Reader reads the chip?

I searched the tubes as much as I can and haven’t found anything helpful. I am hoping someone might point me in the right direction.

No I don’t think this is possible because even a no pin condition would need to be sent to the smart card for checking (in this case a virtual smart card proxy for the xNT), and nothing is sent to the card until you press enter. This has two purposes; 1) it ensures cards with a maximum pin entry error counter are not inadvertently incremented just to check a no-pin condition on the card before asking the user for a pin, and 2) not having a pin but asking for one anyway is also kind of a security measure if an attacker assumes a pin does exist and attempts to crack it. I personally had a machine I was locked out of for 15 minutes while I tried to remember the password, until I just hit enter on a fluke and got in without a password.