Using implant to start car?

I’m getting ready to put an after market push to start and passive keyless entry system in my 2013 vw Passat. Typically there’s a system to help keep the Immobilizer from activating that requires you to either put a key (with chip) in it or tape the fob’s chip to it. I could also skip that system by placing a chip in the proper place, but it usually doesn’t look good and is more likely to fall off and find its way out the door. Both of these are insecure, and anyone could start the car and drive off.

To be a little more secure I’d like to implant a chip in my hand, which will disable to immobilizer when I power it on if I place the start button in the right place, which is where I’m planning to put it either way. Has anyone had success with this in a vw/Audi group car? (This includes Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, SEAT, and Škoda)

They use a passive chip so it might be possible, and I have the equipment to program new keys into the car, but I can’t find the frequency the chips use anywhere so I don’t know if any of the implants work. I’m currently out of town so I don’t have the equipment with me to scan the fob but I’ll do that as soon as I can.

Any tips or experience are greatly appreciated

Can you take a picture of the chip you took out of the original key/fob, or provide a link to any documentation on the immobilizer system? I think it’s unlikely that the system uses the same frequencies as the DT implants (125kHz and 13.56MHz) but it’s worth a look.

The immobilizer chip is probably provisioned for your car at the factory, so you would likely not be able to use any other chip unless you could directly clone it, and they inevitably have tamper protection to prevent malicious actors from doing just that. That means for this to really work it would likely need to be a custom implant (which is already a tough sell because testing this stuff is time consuming.)

Another consideration is that if your car breaks down in a year, the custom implant would become next to useless.

That being said, finding a way to circumvent the immobilizer permanently and just installing an entirely different system that is set up to work with the frequencies that existing implants use would be doable. There’s a couple threads on here about other members doing that through various means.

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The immo chips are per key and can be added later, say if you lost one of your keys. I have a 2015 Jetta with factory keyless ignition so it’ll be a bit harder for me to do but I may be able to hijack the CAN bus lines - but I can’t guarantee anything.