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Which transistors did you use and could you please please give me a breif description of why? new to small electronics.

Right so here is what a transistor does, in the image below Q1 Is the transistor:

NPN transistors are used when you have a positive activation I.e. when you drive the pin high (in this case by and arduino) to turn on.


In reply to this… it’s been about a month and I now get what these do, and holy shit… transistors are like the swiss army knife of electronics. I’ve decided I like them.


Fun fact: Modern high end PC CPUs have around 3-4 billion transistors in them.

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Graphics cards are even more intense. The RTX 3080 has 28.3 billion…

Fun fact, thermionic valves can be used to perform the same tasks as transistors, but MUCH bigger. :rofl:

Are you the person in my EE101 class that answered the professor’s first-day question saying “electromotive force” instead of “voltage”? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



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I do have a Physics degree, so if I had been in that class it would have been me.

As for @darthdomo, Scottish is never unintelligible. :laughing:

Wow, since we have derailed already

I have been around a few drunken Scots, and I would disagree with that statement…However in fairness they could still understand each other… So I guess you are correct

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Thanks for this turbo2ltr! Finally ordered my xEM and xNT. I would like to set this up but was wondering if you have a step by step? I haven’t really done any wiring or board work previously.