Using the KBR1 on 2 computers at once?

I’m not entirely sure about this. Would I need some kind of USB hub or something more like a KVM switch? Maybe it would just be cheaper to buy 2 KBR1s but I really don’t want all of that on my desk. Unless what I’d need to buy is as big or bigger.

Guess I am just going to order 1 for now, but if anyone knows about this please let me know.

Thanks again!

The KBR1 is seen as a USB keyboard. Anything that lets you share a single physical USB keyboard between several computers will work.

If you’re only using one at a time, Synergy could work. The basic version is free.

if you are into tidy, then @simon_beer has just the right thing for you

It’s pretty awesome

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and if you want it tucked away a little more

@darthdomo has got your back

Velcro worked well for me :wink:


Or if you wanted to be lazy do what @Aemun did :rofl:

actually simple but effective, but don’t tell him I said that

Yeah, I’m just not 100% sure what would be “best” for that. There are actually some software options I’m going to try. Would be cool if I didn’t have to physically connect it to both. Thank you

Awesome, thank you!

Have you tried this?

This is the first thing I’m going to try. Based on Synergy.

The KISS principle tells me when you start looking at extra hardware, or a software solution with extra wiring, and trying to multiplex something that wasn’t meant to be multiplexed to begin with (and having to manually select what computer the output of the device goes to, surely) then maybe the simplest and most convenient solution is a second KBR1 :slight_smile: But aside from that, cool project for sure.

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I’d hardly call installing this software a project. I don’t want another one on my desk, nor do I want to buy one. IMO “keeping it simple” is doing what I’m doing.

The “keeping it simple” bit of having two readers is that you hit either one of the two readers directly, as opposed to choosing which computer the single reader should output to then reading your implant. I.e. one less step.

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Or having one reader connected to a hardware USB switch along with your keyboard and mouse. That way all input goes to the same device. That is what I do for my work laptop and home computer.

No add on software to configure, one obvious switch to swap from one to the other (I also usually only have one on at a time so it’s even clearer what is happening).